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Value of Snapchat will rise to 19 billion

Updated on February 18, 2015

Snapchat was started as a social networking chatting platform which is pretty much similar to the Facebook and twitter.

Snapchat is very lovable among the teens but investors see it from other point of view. Investors think that this company has much potential to grow and this company will become one of the biggest social companies in the world.

From the recent reports it is clear that this company is going to get some new capital very fast and this will turn the things around for this privately held company. There are very few privately held companies in this world. Apart from Uber and Xiaomi this will be third private held company whose value will be more than 40 billion.

Snapchat was founded by the three university students and in initial stages this service enables the people to send the cool disappearing messages to other peoples. A normal message will last no more than 15 seconds and you can send as many messages to other peoples you want.


700 Million Snaps Last Year:

Snapchat don’t give us any insight that how many people use its service but company official report says that its users sent 700 million snaps or disappearing messages last year and this figure is going to rise this year.


Focus on Attracting New Users:

Snapchat is thriving hard to attract new users instead of increasing service to improve its bottom line. The company is headed to invest in the future of social chatting and many people believe that this tactic is going to favor them.


Started Making Money:

Snapchat is already started to make money with its new service that will provide the data feed from big companies like Yahoo and CNN to it users and the Snapchat and its partners will split the revenue. This is just the beginning and the reporters say that the money making process is just started.


Different Approach:

The Snapchat has a different approach to the social messaging as compared to other social giants like the Facebook and twitter.

They are offering different services and enhancements that are not available in the social market right now. The most important thing is that they are innovating, and this is the thing that makes the difference in everything.


Future of Snapchat:

There is nothing debatable about the future of Snapchat because it future is far more bright then it’s present. Many tech specialists have said that this company is going to improve a lot.

This company is headed to the new era of technology and this company will introduce the new ways and methods in the field of social networking and messaging.


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