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Very useful keyboard shortcuts that you must know

Updated on June 14, 2012

Even after the arrival of new methods of inputs to computer, keyboard is the most old and common method of input. Keyboard shortcuts play an important role in speeding up your computer usage. Here I am listing some very useful keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard tips varies from operating system environments and editor environments. Hence the keyboard tips or keyboard shortcuts are classified into different categories.


Ctrl+C - copy the selected content or

Ctrl+Insert - copy the selected content

Ctrl+X - cut the selected content

Ctrl+V - paste the content in the clipboard

Shift+Insert - paste the content in the clipboard

Alt+tab -switch between different open windows (hold down the alt key and tap the tab key, you can switch the open windows and when selected release the alt key)

Alt+Esc -Another key combination to switch between open windows

Alt+Shift+tab - switching in reverse order

Alt + Space bar- shows the right click menu on the task bar(close, maximize minimize etc)

Ctrl+Z - Undo any change that you made accidentally

Ctrl+Y - Redo any change that you undo accidentally

Ctrl+F - Open the find section of any program.

F1 - Generally evoke the help section.

F3 - Opens the search option

F2 - Renames selected file

Ctrl+P - To print the current page in internet explorers or the opened document in word processors, pdf viewers etc.

Page down/spacebar- to move one page down

page up - to move page up

Ctrl+Home - moves to the starting page in a large document

Ctrl+End - moves to the end of a document.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

All key combinations in general section is valid and in addition,

Ctrl+Alt+Delete- to open task manager

Ctrl+Shift+Esc - alternate key combination to open task manager

Win key+ D - Minimizes all open windows and shows desktop

Win key+ M - Alternate key combination for minimizing all windows

Win key+ R - opens windows run window so that you can do all operations by commands. Learn the basic run commands

Linux Keyboard Shortcuts

All general keyboard shortcuts specified above are valid in linux also. The additional shortcuts are

Ctrl+Alt+F1 -moves to the first console. This is available up to console number seven with keys up to F7.

Linux gives full freedom to set the shortcuts as our interests. ie it is fully customerable.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Sorry for the delay to replay

      @Supplies expert- thanks for your additional information

      @neil Sperling - You are funny. If you are not using shortcuts try using them, it will speed up your browsing and surely you can help those people you love also

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      are there any short cuts to mind over mattress problems?

      helpful tips - good reminder for the one I don't use often


    • supplies expert profile image

      supplies expert 6 years ago

      Solid favorite for web browsing is

      ALT + Arrow Left / Right - Visit Last URL