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Video Surveillance - Better be Safe than Sorry

Updated on June 27, 2011

A Real Incidence

Sometime ago in a multinational company an employee took a great initiative. He brought a piggy bank and kept it at a corner. Everyone in the office was told, that amount deposited in that piggy bank will be collected and donated to a renowned NGO to help out some poor children.

After a few days, the piggy bank was opened and there were good couple of thousand bucks collected. Everyone was happy to have supported a good cause and they all decided to continue the contribution in the same way.

However, the next time the piggy bank was opened, it was found to be empty. People were really shocked. Although the contributions were anonymous in general, some people came forward to disclose that they had put good amounts, in fact inspired by the last time's success, quite big amounts into the piggy bank.

Affluence of Dearth, or Dearth of Help?

If we help, we help ourselves.
If we help, we help ourselves. | Source

The Loss can't be calculated always

People wondered who would do such a nasty thing. At first the employees thought that may be someone from the house keeping staff could be the culprit. But neither could someone take such a big object outside the building without checking, nor was it broken. A generally agreed upon theory was that either an employee (a well paid employee with supposed good moral values) did it or someone from the security staff replaced the piggy bank with an exact new one.

However, only building theories were possible as engaging proper investigators was not approved by the management for a such a small amount which could have been big help for the poor kids.

After that day, nobody contributed to the piggy bank. If the unfortunate and shameful incidence had not happened people might have continued to contribute, and thus the loss can't be calculated.

Each penny can create a difference

Piggy Bank If you don't want to -  Don't Sacrifice but -  Please Do not waste
Piggy Bank If you don't want to - Don't Sacrifice but - Please Do not waste | Source

Prevent if you can

Prevent such incidences from happening. If you can, get your workplace be protected by Video Surveillance. Many products are available, spytown review might be helpful for you.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Off late in the corporate offices, many incidences like above are being reported where people complain of missing stuff from their desks which could be small things like headphones, pen drives or sometimes even expensive things like RAM missing from the CPU. The culprits could be anyone, as was said by a wise man, if there is no terror at of being caught, almost everyone would want to become a thief.

The first thing which comes to mind when listening to such incidences is, why was the video surveillance not in place in such a big organization? This is a serious overlook of the security of employees as well as company assets. Each organization which can afford it, should get video surveillance equipments in place. As soon as people realize that there is a chance they would be caught, they would not want to risk their reputation and job. Prevention is better than cure, and in some cases, prevention is the only option available.

It actually sad that such a measure is necessary, but in fact it has got more advantages than only keeping an eye on the people inside the office. Any doubtful activity can be spotted in time to take an action.

Although some people might complain that it takes away the sense of freedom they have, but actually it is the culture of the organization which gives real sense of freedom, and whatever feel you get in absence of video surveillance, is just fake sense of liberty.

After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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    • MathLizard profile image


      7 years ago from Reading PA

      That last line is right on the money. If you don't think you're being watched, you will do whatever comes naturally to you, whether it be what you're supposed to do or not. That's when the diligence of your superiors (or in certain lines of work, when there are undercover security people doing their job) pays off.

    • anusha15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Anusha Jain 

      7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion. I don't happen to agree with you, after all, "Acceptable Alternative" is a rather personal thing. Something perfectly acceptable to one person might not be even tolerable by somebody else.

      Freedom from scrutiny in workplace, according to me, should be logical - your superiors and peers should trust and respect your privacy - which can be only driven by an appropriate work culture.

      Absence of video surveillance might not mean absence of surveillance :)

    • MathLizard profile image


      7 years ago from Reading PA

      I think sometimes the freedom from scrutiny is more important than the protection surveillance may afford. You should be able to trust that your work area is safe from things being "lifted". There's no 100% guarantee that someone won't help themselves, but the alternative is having Big Brother watching even the most mundane tasks, in every location possible. This is no acceptable alternative.


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