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Warning about copy machines

Updated on November 14, 2010

Copier Warning

Here is some interesting info I have discovered. Almost all copiers made since 2002 have a hard drive in them similiar to those found in PCs and laptops. These machines automatically store any  document that has been printed or copied on the hard drive. This means that copy machine and printers may contain sensitive data on the hard drive which must be destroyed. This is often an overlooked security issue which could  result in a data breach.

      Usually when several copies of a document are needed, the document is scanned just once and the copies are made from the file that has been saved on the hard disk. The data can be accessed by removing the hard drive from the printer or copy machine and connecting it to a PC or erasure station. There are no existing standards which state how the data on these devices should be permanently removed,however the same measures must be practiced as when erasing computer  hard drives.


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