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Top 9 Web Browsers for iPad

Updated on March 12, 2013

The Best iPad Browsers

The most popular web browser for iPad is, no doubt, the default browser, Safari. Safari is no y efficient mobile web browser with many functions and good speed but if you suffer from the monotony of Safari then there are some exciting alternatives for you, too. You know that iPad is very good for web browsing. This experience can be enhanced by using these high quality web browsers. With the increase of uses of iPad to connect with the internet, more and more exciting browser apps are coming. Check out these 9 best web browser apps for iPad. Anyone of these 9 combined with the Safari browser will make your iPad web browsing a PC or Mac killing experience. If you like this article then do not forgot to share it with your friends. You can do these by clicking the facebook like button or the tweet button.

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1) Google Chrome

Price: Free

Google Chrome is a very popular and user friendly PC web browser. Chrome is also for iOS devices too. This Chrome for iPad is also blazing fast and sleek. The Chrome for iPad supports sign in to sync with your PC Chromes browser history and bookmarks.

Get it

Chrome vs Safari: Speed Test

Mercury Browser for iPad
Mercury Browser for iPad

2) Mercury Browser

Price: Free

Mercury web browser is fast and light. There are many cool themes for this browser. It also supports multi touch gestures, user agent switching, printing etc. There is also facebook and twitter integration with this browser.

Get it from iTunes

3) Opera Mini

Price: Free

Opera Mini is known for their innovative technology for giving a faster web experience. If you do not have a speedy internet in hand, Opera Mini will be handy. It uses a server to cut down unwanted portions of the web pages you requested and send it reformatted to your iPad. In this way the web pages loads faster and uses lesser bandwidth. It can be six times faster and can reduce 90% data usage.

Get it from iTunes

4) Maxthon Web Browser

Price: Free

Maxthon is a popular free web browser. Maxthon is fast and claims to change your web browsing experience in iPad. It supports tab browsing. There is also cloud syncing support.

Get Maxthon Web Browser

Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser

5) Dolphin Browser for iPad

Price: Free

Dolphin Browser for iPad is a good choice if you want a Safari alternative. The browser is fast and supports multi tab browsing. There are download management and crash recovery.

Get Dolphin Browser

6) Atomic Web Browser for iPad

Price: $0.99

Atomic is for desktop level browsing. You can do everything like that of a PC browser in it. You can use Adblock and Tabs. You can save pages. Atomic is a full screen browser.There are many more features.

Get the browser

iPad Browsers with Flash Support

7) Skyfire

Price: $4.99

The iPad is not optimized for flash contents. The native browser does not support flash. Skyfire can bring the flash videos in your iPad. You can watch live streaming videos in sites like YouTube and media sites. But Skyfire only support flash videos; games and other flash contents will not be loaded.

Get Skyfire

Skyfire for iPad Review

Puffin Web Browser for iPad
Puffin Web Browser for iPad

8) Puffin Web Browser

Price: $2.99

Puffin is a cloud based browser. It uses a mega server to surf the internet and broadcast the result back at real time. As a result the end user gets the feeling of PC like web browsing via iPad. In this way, the Puffin Browser can handle complex java script and flash with ease. The Puffin browser can render the Java script 5.5 times faster than the Safari browser. You can expect full flash support in it.

Get it

9) Photon

Price: $4.99

The Photon browser is known for its state of the art flash support. This browser supports flash games, animations and videos without any issue. There are bandwidth controls for balancing between speed and quality.

Get it for iPad


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 4 years ago from India

      Thank you Dr.S for your addition.

    • profile image

      Dr.S 4 years ago

      Great guide. But what about kids? The best is ZillyDilly for iPad at