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Web browser shortcuts that you must know to browse efficiently

Updated on June 14, 2012


Your speed in using internet depends on how faster you are in using your bowsers. Here come importance for web browser shortcuts. In this hub I am sharing some browser shortcuts that will help you to browse more fast than you could expect

The commonly used web browsers are Mozilla firefox, Internet explorer, Google chrome, Opera , Safari etc.

Browser shortcuts

General shortcuts of keyboard section are valid in case of web browsers also. keyboard shortcuts also shortcuts using mouse are useful in browsers also.

Ctrl+L             - highlights or bring cursor to address bar

F6                 - highlights or bring cursor to address bar

Ctrl+T            - Opens a new tab in modern browsers. Middle click( clicking the mouse wheel) will also do the same function. Ctrl+click on any link will also do the same function

Ctrl+W         -Closes current tab. Middle click on an already open tab will close it

Ctrl+tab      - switches between different tabs in forward direction

Ctrl+Shift+tab- switches between different tabs in reverse direction

Ctrl+1 or 2 etc  - goes to the tab numbered after Ctrl

Ctrl+Shift+T  - Used to reopen any tab that you accidentally closed.

Ctrl+F            - Gives a search box for searching for words in page

F11               - Makes the browsing window full screen

F1                 - Evokes the help tutorial in internet

Ctrl+D           - adds bookmark to viewing page

Ctrl+J          - Opens the download window of browser

Ctrl+S         - Saves the page that you are viewing

Ctrl+U        - Shows the source code of the page that you are viewing

Ctrl+H        -Opens the history section of web browser

Alt+left arrow key  -moves backwards

Alt+Right arrow key -moves forwards

Ctrl+Shift+Del  - Clears the private data

Shift+ click on a link  - Will open the link in a new window

Ctrl+plus key    - Increases the font size. It can also be done using Ctrl+scroll up

Ctrl+ -           - Decreases the font size. It can also be done by Ctrl+ scroll down

Ctrl+ P         - Prints the page that you are viewing

Ctrl+ Enter - After typing gmail, if you press Ctrl+ Enter it will become It can be done with all sites

Shift+ Enter - Used as above to get in the address bar

Shift+Scroll  - moves backwards and forwards

        Clicking the middle button in the web page at any point other than top of a link will open the auto scroll or quick scroll function

       All shortcuts are in reference to new versions of web browsers. If any of these are not working on your browser, it indicates that you are using older versions of web browsers. Then it can be assumed that it is time to update to newer version


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