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Webcam Reviews 2016

Updated on November 11, 2015

A good webcam really is the best way to communicate with people over a distance. Being able to see the other person is the next best thing to being face to face.

There are many webcams on the market and picking the right one can be tricky. In webcam reviews 2016 we have picked 4 very good webcams to review. We reviewed what we believe to be the best speaker webcam combo of 2016 (the Logitech HD Pro C9010), the best webcam for use with a laptop (the Logitech 2 MO Portable), the best selling general purpose webcam (Logitech HD C310) and then we looked at a lower cost webcam alternative (Microsoft LifeCam).

Logitech Pro - best webcam 2016
Logitech Pro - best webcam 2016

Logitech Webcam HD Pro C910

The Logitech Pro C910 is my pick as best webcam of 2016. Everybody loves the slick black design. This camera is fairly priced and has many features. The ultra-smooth auto focus and auto light correction tool is simply amazing. It detects the perfect focus settings and produces sharper video. The HD video recording produces high quality videos and images. The 5 mega-pixel sensor captures 16x9 wide screen detailed videos. You can even capture photos, up to 720 pixels. The web cam is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting technology. It adjusts brightness levels, and works great even in dimly lit areas. The built-in microphone delivers crisp and clear audio as well. This is an awesome and highly recommended web cam for everyday use.

The video is so clear; it’s almost as if you are there. The audio options are great and produce clear sounds. The auto zoom and auto focus feature is great. It is good value for money and very lightweight. You can use the web cam to talk to your friends, family, and even co-workers.

The price tag of this web camera is quite a bit higher than the cheaper alternative, but if you can afford it, the video quality is noticeably better.

Best notebook webcam 2016
Best notebook webcam 2016

Logitech 2 MP Portable Webcam

Logitech is an industry leader in web cam and video applications. The portable quick cam is lightweight and easy to use. You will like the padded pouch that makes it easier to transport. The audio, video, and photo features are dazzling. With crisp, clear, and concise audio and video, you can talk to all your friends, family, and colleagues. The image quality is impressive, and it also captures the background instead of blurry motions. The software is compatible with an array of systems. It is also easy to install, with step-by-step instructions. The video adapts to any light source, even in dim areas. The web cam’s integration tools are very helpful. You can easily integrate this webcam with Skype.

Adjust the microphone levels on the logitech 2 MP portable web camera is particularly easy. Also make sure to close the Logitech applications, before using the web cam for Skype or other software. This is a great camera and you will be really happy with it.

This is fantastic lightweight web cam. You can practically take it anywhere. The USB options for easy plug in and play are great. The video and audio output is great. You can see the other person very clearly. With high quality images, you will be impressed with this little web cam. You will be able to communicate with your friend. You also can use Skype and X-Lite applications with this web cam. It is a great camera with many useful built-in functions.

Best selling webcam 2016
Best selling webcam 2016

Logitech webcam C310

The Logitech web cam C310 is a great unit. The sleek black futuristic design attracts people. The webcam produces top-notch video, photo, and audio quality. The software makes video calling a snap. You can snap top quality photos, up to 5 mega pixels. The 720 pixel sensor creates crisp, clear, and fluid video. The colors are vibrant, with a strong emphasis on detail. The Right Light technology enhances image and light quality, especially in dimly lit areas. 

You can have tons of fun with the video effect features as. This is a superb camera, which comes fairly priced and strongly recommended.

Top Microsoft webcam reviewed
Top Microsoft webcam reviewed

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

With a cool design, the Microsoft Life Cam is a fabulous webcam. The image quality is truly unsurpassed. You can take high definition photos and stills. The automatic face tracking software is great for close ups and motion shots. The crisp and clear audio output is impressive. There are also tons of video effects that you can integrate. This web cam really represents technology at its finest.

I am not a big fan of Microsoft hardware, but in the Microsoft LifeCam's case I will make an exception.

We hope you found webcam review 2016 to be informative and useful. If you are looking to purchase the best web cam in 2016, you simply cannot go wrong with these excellent cameras.

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