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Website Search Engine Submission

Updated on October 4, 2011

SE, which stands for Search Engine, is the tool which everyone uses to find websites, information, business, images, video, places, answers and so much more on the internet. The best known search engine is the funny named Google. Now, as an online business, blogger or merchant, you’ll need to have your website or blog site listed in most of these search engines in order for your customers and followers to find you online. This getting listed is what is called website search engine submission..

Being listed with a major search engines can potentially generate lots of traffic to your website and possibly resulting in your making money online.

By the way, you can learn what many online acronyms like SE mean from my article called Understanding Make Money Online Blog Monetizing Words & Acronyms.

If your website has been published on the internet for more than six (6) months, and you believe you have quality content, but you can't find your site listed when you do a search for it in one of the search engines, then consider manually submitting your website to those search engine that allow you to. Of course, there is more to do to have your website found in search engines including achieving top search engine placement, being ranked high in search engines rankings, search engine optimization, building links, improving content quality, and more, but those are topics for another day.

So how do you get your website listed in a search engine?

Fortunately, nowadays, search engines take care of this step for you. if your website is "popular", meaning that lots of other websites have linked to your website, and your website has lots of “quality” content, then you don’t have to do anything to list your site with a search engine.

Most search engines, also called web crawlers, will eventually find your website as they make their rounds crawling (searching) the Web, and automatically list your site themselves.

However, unless you have built lots of links with other websites, paid the search engines to list your site, or you submit your website yourself for free directly to these search engines, your website showing up in any SE could takes many, many, many months.  That's why a manual submission might prove useful.

How do you submit your website to Search Engines?

Website submission is very simple.

By going to each search engine's "site submit” page and entering the url (address) of your homepage or the webpage you want the search engine to index (visit and list) into the submission space, you’ve submitted your website the search engine.

Pretty easy huh?! Now, I’ve done some of the work for you here by providing relevant information and links to the most popular search engines’ site submit page, so you don’t have to go trolling the internet yourself.

Yahoo! Search -  The internet’s oldest directory (formerly sorted manually by people), Yahoo also offers you the ability to submit your website for free along with the same no guarantees your site will be listed. Plus, you need to register with Yahoo (get a Yahoo ID) to have access to list your website with them!

Google – Considered to be the top search engine to have your website listed in, Google has paid submission listings, as well as allowing you to submit your website url for free. As usual, submitting your site for free to Google hold no guarantees it will be accepted and listed. However, having submitted it might get it listed sooner. – Formerly called Ask Jeeves, this search engine lets you search the web by asking questions. Ask does NOT allow you to submit your site to their index though. All of Ask's search results come from its web-crawler indexing.

Bing - Formerly called MSN, this is Microsoft's search engine and strong competitor to both Google and Yahoo. Like the others, Bing also allows for direct submission of your website url for free with no guarantees.

Alta Vista - Alta Vista’s search results are taken from Yahoo’s search info, so you CANNOT submit your website to Alta Vista directly. Instead, you must submit your site’s url to Yahoo!

AOL Search or Netscape Search - Owned by AOL and primarily used by AOL and Netscape users, these search engine's search results listings come directly from Google's index listings. You CANNOT submit your site directly to AOL nor Netscape search. You must submit your site to Google’s index to be listed in these search engines.

HotBot - Owned by Lycos, Hotbot is a one-stop location to view search results from three different search engines: Yahoo, MSN and Lycos. There is NO site submission directly to Hotbot. In order to be found in this search engine, you must be listed with Yahoo, MSN or Lycos.

Lycos Search - One of the oldest search engines on the internet, and a partner site to, Lycos’ search results come from Therefore, to be listed in Lycos or Ask, you must wait until their robots crawl your website.

As always your feedback is welcome. If you found this article useful or helpful to you, please rate it up; green button found at the end of this article.

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      8 years ago

      Howdie Micky Dee. You got a two for one deal didya when you showed up here huh, lol. Love right back at ya!

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      callmefoxxy, my pen is a mighty sword!

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      Girl, I agree with MD, this info is awesome. Thanks for doing all the work.

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      You know Foxxy Girl. I was going to breeze through this and tell you I love you and stuff and that's why I showed up- but this is great info and I'll bookmark it! Yo- you know I love you Girl!


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