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Website Security

Updated on March 10, 2012

Today there is a multitude of different online threats that are on a constant rise. One of the largest growing threats to online security is website security. There are many people and groups out there that use unprotected websites for malicious intentions, profit, or just because.

With many business and people creating their own websites today, it is no wonder that there has been an increase in hacking of websites. Many people use current exploitations to access your files to your webpage to advertise, change the message or just destroy your hard work that you have completed. So, it is essential to protect your websites information by doing a regular security check to see if there are any weaknesses that may need to be address.

Many people use third party web hosting companies to host their websites. They provide security only to a certain level, and it usually does not include your site. So, you would be responsible for the data and information that is on your site. There are 5 reasons doing a security check will enhance the protection of your computer.

1. Malware – one of the more popular things that hackers like to place on websites is Malware. They know that when a user comes to your website and click a link or picture they can then use the exploitations in many browsers to deliver that content right to the user’s computer. There is a couple of things you can do to check your computer.

a. Many websites do a preliminary check of websites when you search the. If, there is suspected malware on your website Google will usually notify you not to go there.

b. There are many free malware scans that you can do that are specifically designed for websites, so you can perform a scan. Some hosting providers provide free scans for those that request them on their files.

2. Website Email – Website email is the number one thing that hackers are trying to get to. They use the email system to send out thousands of emails. If, they get a hold of yours your email could be black listed as spam. This can also cause your web hosting account to be suspended or terminated.

3. Fraud – hackers are interested in information, so they hack websites that may potentially contain personal information regarding individuals. So, if you have client data on your website get it off and put it on a secure location offline. If, hackers were to get at it your reputation and ability to do business would be severely compromised.

4. Redirect – many hackers use vulnerable websites to help them run their own security checks on a computer to find exploitations to use. Always do a monthly scan and check for any links that may not be pointing to places that you had setup before. If, things like a Trojan or other security threat is found remove the redirect link immediately.

5. Many hackers are just doing it for fun, but they can damage your websites and reputation by placing obscene material on there. Defacing your home page with an extreme groups political ideologies. These can instantly result in a ban, in Google, and hurt your reputation so always make sure your major files are non writable and protected.

Hackers are getting more and cleverer every year, and these 5 things are the most popular things to look out for. There is always going to be something we do not suspect. But, many companies and groups have found ways to protect your website. For example if you use Joomla or Word press there are free and paid for plug-in that are specifically for website security. Like firewalls, malware scans, and security scans that you can run on a monthly basis. So, always do at a minimum a monthly security check on your website, to keep your information and reputation protected.


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