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Weird Things You Never Knew Existed on the Web

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Rachel Wesley is an American author and online freelance writer. She writes for several online businesses and has published two books.

The Stranger Side of the Internet

They say that with the internet we have the whole world at our fingertips, and it's a pretty accurate assertion. The vast knowledge alone is immense, you can find nearly anything you could possibly want online, but that isn't all that sets at the tips of our fingers. There are also some rather weird, (and I mean weird), things that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

There are also some other strange things that you can find. This isn't your typical, run-of-the-mill weird stuff either, this is beyond bizarre. It's like going to one of those roadside attractions, like those museums that are always in horror movies just sitting on the side of the desolate road.

It looks totally shady, made out of a trailer or tin shed, and costing $5-$10 to get in. You know for a fact that the place is bad, but they never seem to notice. They just want to see what kinds of creepy and interesting things the terrifying family running the place has to offer.

Don't get stuck on the shady side of the web. Stick to fun weird, not dangerous weird!

The Red Pill

This one is a doozy. To prevent too much confusion, the Red Pill here has nothing to do with politics, as there is one of those as well. This Red Pill site is based on the men's rights movement. What, you haven't heard about this one? Yeah, most people haven't. It just kind of came out of left field.

What, you haven't heard about this one? Yeah, most people haven't. It just kind of came out of left field. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a community of men that believe that women don't actually want the right's they fought so hard to achieve.

Instead, they want to be put into their place by a strong man that takes charge and runs the household. It also states that men don't want an intelligent woman, as they are snotty know-it-alls, no they want an obedient one.

Those aren't the only specifications either. Women need to keep themselves looking pretty at all times, wouldn't want to upset their man. They must stay home, cook, clean, and take care of children, all while making sure that their man is sexually satisfied every single day.

Sadly, it doesn't stop there. Oh no, it gets even better. There are also what is called Red Pill women. These ladies spend their time in the online community discussing how to be an even better woman for the men in their lives, including how to make his morning better than it already is.

There are some pretty diluted opinions on this weird site and a lot of hard feelings between those that believe the Red Pill way is best and those that are downright offended by it. What do you think about it?

Professor Snape, could you come to the office please, you have a little explaining to do...


It can be a little difficult not to laugh at this one a bit. I can assure you that this is a real thing, a real thing that a lot of women are doing. Prepare yourselves for more weirdness because we are now entering the realm of Snapewives.

Snapewives are women that basically believe that they are romantic lovers and wives of the late Professor Severus Snape. They claim that they are connected to him on another plane of existence, one in which he not only loves and marries them but where he also gives them important life advice.

Though it seems silly to the outside world, these people weren't hurting anyone with their fan-fiction lives, so it seems rather sad that they were targeted by angry people telling them that they were just being stupid.

As of this writing, most of the information and forums have been removed, possibly from embarrassment or maybe because they all decided that they wanted to keep their Professor Snape all to themselves instead of sharing him with the other women with the same fantasies.

Don't worry though, they are still out there. You can still find some of them and their community if you look hard enough.

Rate My Poo!

Rate my Poo

Again, exactly what it sounds like. People legitimately do number two, take a picture of it, and then post it online to be rated by other fellow poo aficionados.

Where this idea came from and why are both a mystery that we might not really want solved. It's weird beyond weird! However, the site has done pretty well for itself over the years.

You are free to go and rate the pictures if you are ever so daring. Just don't forget that you will be looking at human feces, so if you have a weak stomach you might want to just forfeit this one. Still, it's undeniable that there are people out there that actually enjoy doing something like this. The website RateMyPoo boasts at having over 18,316 pictures.

Can those many people be wrong? We think yes. Yes, they can!

Ratings are based on many factors

  • Size - Depending on how often you go this will vary
  • Shape - Not everyone has straight poo, sometimes it swivels or curls
  • Color - There are a lot of reasons that it can be multiple different colors at any given time
  • Length (separate from size) How long is that sucker? Did it snake out or squish together?
  • And you might be able to throw in some info on the smell too if you want

The "Weird Stuff" Section on eBay

There is no question that people sell some pretty odd and sometimes questionable things. What most people don't know is that eBay has an entire area dedicated to some of the weirdest stuff for sale.

Want a mummified animal? How about a baby creature in a jar? They have all kinds of them here. You can buy oddly shaped Cheetos, anatomically correct fruits and vegetables, ancient food, and even every perverted thing you can imagine.

You can choose to look through weird stuff, slightly unusual stuff, really weird stuff, or totally bizarre, depending on how strange you want it to get.

The sheer amount of weird things for sale on eBay is actually a little bit scary. and with all the talk about the deep web there is literally nothing, it seems, that can't be found and purchased online.

Which One do you find the Weirdest?

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© 2017 Rachel Wesley

How Weird Were These? Do You Have Anything Even Weirder?

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    • RachelWesley profile image

      Rachel Wesley 2 months ago from Kentucky

      Right? I was pretty surprised when I looked it up lol.

    • AlexisG profile image

      Alexis 2 months ago

      I've heard of rate my poo....but snapewives?? I admit Snape is one of my favorite literary characters, but that's taking things a little too far (to me). Still, it weirdly doesn't surprise me.