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7 Weirdest Strangest PC / Computer / Laptop Mouse Mice Ever: folding / foldable, phone, gamepad, tablet, and more

Updated on June 27, 2018


Computer mice comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can get novelty mice in, uh... impolite shapes. However, this is about mice that are just... weird. Not gross, but just weird.

In no particular order...

Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Gamepad Mouse
Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Gamepad Mouse | Source

Gamepad Mouse

Your eyes are NOT deceiving you. This is a real 1600 dpi optical mouse with 7 buttons on the top.

Underneath, it is a gamepad with 14 buttons and 2 small D-pads. It's called the Chameleon X1 by Shogun Bros.

I guess if you want to really hide your game playing habits you can get one of these... Very... James Bond-ish.

Read a full review from Geeks With Laptop

Hanwang T&Mouse tablet mouse
Hanwang T&Mouse tablet mouse | Source

Touchpad Mouse

Ever need a tiny little touchpad but have no place to put it? How about inside your mouse?

Enter the Hanwang T&Mouse. There's a huge "hole" where your palm rests on the mouse, and that has a flat area that's a mini tablet.

Mind you, this is designed for the Asian market, where the characters are usually written, not typed via keyboard. On the other hand, it is still... weird.

Genius Ring Mouse
Genius Ring Mouse | Source

Ring Mouse

Do you need a mouse on your ring? Probably not. On the other hand, it'd be one heck of a geeky gift, wouldn't it?

The Genius Ring Mouse is more of a remote presenter type of peripheral, as you can just use your thumb to navigate the pointer.

So how do you 'drag' on this thing?

Read more about the Genius Ring Mouse on Engadget.

G4 Slim Mouse
G4 Slim Mouse | Source

The Convertible Slim Mouse

Do you have a small PC Card slot that is sitting unused because almost all peripherals comes in USB nowadays? Here's the world's slimmest mouse...

The Power Positioning G4 Slim Mouse is definitely a weird duck... You have to unpack it, fold it, unpack the cable, AND plug it in. And it's VERY delicate from the looks of it.

However, it sure is cute.

Read a review of G4 Slim Mouse at

Sony Skype Mouse
Sony Skype Mouse | Source

Skype Phone Mouse

Are you embarrassed with a headset? Probably not, but some people just prefer the weight of a handset. After all, if there is no need, nobody would have came up with...

This is the Sony MouseTalk. That's right, this is from Sony. It's just a regular mouse... Until you get a Skype Call. Then the mouse chirps. Flip the mouse open and it becomes a Skype Phone you can hold up to your ear.

Read more about Sony MouseTalk on GizMag

Canon Calculator Mouse
Canon Calculator Mouse | Source

Calculator Mouse

There's a calculator in every PC made... So do you really need another calculator? Canon apparently believes so... Which is why they made SEVERAL different calculator mice. They have regular, flip-up, and more.

To the right is merely one of them. You can see it's a normal mouse. Two buttons, scroll wheel, and so on. It's even ambidextrous (good for either hand). The question still begs to be asked: Why?

Read more about the the Calculator Mouse on Wired

IRIBIO Iris Scanner Mouse
IRIBIO Iris Scanner Mouse | Source

Iris Scan Mouse

Fingerprint scanner mouse are easy and plentiful. But have you ever seen an iris scan mouse?

That's right, Qiritek's IRIBIO Iris Scanner Mouse has an iris scanner on its side. And yes, you are supposed to pick up the mouse and look into that side sensor. It has internal CPU and RAM to make comparison of your iris to its database and decide to let you in or not.

The most amazing part for this item... MSRP of $315... for a very lousy mouse.


The world of computer peripherals are constantly expanding, and more and more multi-function devices are getting made. So the world of strange computer mice will surely expand.

Stay tuned for even more weird computer items!


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