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Western digital 1TB, 2TB and 3TB hard disk drives for 100% reliability.

Updated on March 25, 2015

Western Digital 2TB HDD

2 TB HDD | Source

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About Western Digital

Western digital external hard drives

My name is Christine. I have bought a few Western Digital Products and have found them to be the most reliable, neat and compact, and good value for money.

I am no techie so i need something that is easy to use, has loads of storage space,as i download just about everything.

Iv'e tried to give as much information as i can so that you can be in a position to make an informed decision.

If your Hard Drive is getting full it will slow down the speed of your computer, or you may just need extra space.

With an external hard drive you can transfer some or a lot of your files from your Pc, Mac or laptop on to the external hard drive and free up space.

This will also make your computer run faster, there are some really excellent hard drives on the market today.

If you are looking for one that is reliable, compact and efficient, then I would recommend Western Digital Disk drives.

Western digital’s range is “environmentally friendly”. The drives use a technology called Intelli-Power to fine-tune spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms, to reduce the power consumption. Western Digital claim this results in a saving of four to five watts over standard desktop drives. The 2 Terra bite drive uses four 500 GB platters, each platter with 400 GB-per-square-inch A.D. it has a transfer rate of 3Gbps and a 32MB cache, and can be installed inside a PC or in an external hard-drive casing. Western digital claims the drive stays cool, and doesn't need a fan.

There have been many new developments in data storage, however Western digital now offers a varied line of storage devices and media delivery products. From mobile hard drives to network storage to full-featured Internet TV entertainment devices, Western digital is on the cutting edge of anything related to saving and delivering data. Western digital was the first to bring out the 1TB disk drive and also, the 2 TB disk drive. Their latest Innovation is now the 3Tb.

Why Western digital

* Very Reliable and reputable company

* Good transfer speed

* Small and neat units very compact and light

* Easy to use just plug in and play

* Does not require an eternal source just plug into USB port

* Low power consumption

* Heat dissipation

* Book-like design

* Massive amount of storage space

* Stays cool doesn’t need a fan

* Completely silent

* Comes with a 2 year warranty in the UK and Europe

The drive comes pre formatted for windows, but when using Mac formatting can be quick and easy with OS X’s disc utility.

I would recommend Western Digital, for anyone looking for a highly portable yet capacious external storage solution.

I hope this has been helpful, and of use to you when making your decision on which disk drives to buy.

I have looked around and searched for cheaper alternative. But I have found Western digital. to be far the best value for reliability and price.

WD passport essential

W D passport essential Metalic blue
W D passport essential Metalic blue | Source
WD passport  metalic red
WD passport metalic red | Source
WD passport Black
WD passport Black | Source

Other Western Digital Products

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Western Digital Disk Drives

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