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What Do You Think About the Google +1 (PlusOne) Button?

Updated on July 6, 2011

My First Time With the Google +1 (PlusOne) Button

When I first saw a Google PlusOne button I was intrigued - and went to click it. It wanted me to be signed into my Google account. I backed off..... I've a fear of clicking any buttons online as they've previously been Facebook Like buttons and I didn't want to Like a website and have all my friends see that I'd liked it.

Not all of my friends like what I like - and it just wasn't ever appropriate to show my pleasure at a site by clicking and announcing to the world I like it!

When I first saw the Google +1 button that's what I thought it was like. I thought "I don't want to be associated with this like... what if I don't like it".

But then I realised it's part of the new Google+ social network site - and so I looked into this and I liked what I saw!

With the new Google social network site I can group my different friends/relatives/colleagues/acquaintances into "circles" - and now when I +1 something I am not sharing with the world, but a tight group of people who would also share that same interest.

The benefits are massive! Both personally and for internet marketers. I've not felt able to have a Facebook account before, as it was such a dark art to find out and set your privacy correctly. Google does it so much better and easier.

Google +1 Button. Social network and like button
Google +1 Button. Social network and like button

I Put Google +1 On My Website Immediately

Once I understood it, I rushed to my website and I've now added it - although my website's not the sort of site where people are likely to like it by clicking a new button. I think some sites will get liked (shoes, handbags, babies, gadgets) - and some sites just won't have the sort of people that will bother (mine unfortunately!).

But it's there - I'm now in the gang. Up to date and trendy.... but, more importantly, it's not Facebook!

I recommend it!

I think Google will become a major player in the social networking arena in the next few years - I've no issues with their privacy or intent. They're a huge corporation, well established, not a get rich quick website and scheme set up recently.

I think Google likers will tend to be older people, rather than the younger set that prefer Facebook (and its annoying apps and veg patches and other mindless, pointless wastes of time). I see Google +1 as the start of a serious business tool.

Google PlusOne is a winner in my book. Finally social networking you can take seriously - and control!


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    • profile image

      u01dtj6 6 years ago

      I feel the +1 button is a bit pointless really - what's exactly new about buttons like this?

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hubpages aren't using the Google+ system at the moment. If/when they do it'll be alongside the facebook "Like" button and the tweet button.

      Any button that is available, if people click on it and vote you up, would be more beneficial than nobody clicking on it... how beneficial having it at all would be is not something anybody can tell.

      But, it's another "like me" button for those that are heavily into marketing their hubs in that manner :)


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      I am number one computer dummy and wonder whether it is benedficial for my hubpages?

    • profile image

      Blue nine nine 6 years ago

      Google knows what topics you search, the files of your computer that you permit google to index, the content of mail you send and receive through gmail, the images you post via picasa and youtube, the identities of your friends in groups (real friends, family, workmates, net friends, etc.), and pages you mark that you like. Google aggregates this infomation about you and uses it to enhance its profits. But don't worry, you can trust Google.