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What Does The Kindle Do?

Updated on March 30, 2011
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows off the Kindle DX (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET News)  Read more:
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows off the Kindle DX (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET News) Read more:

What does the Kindle do?

The Amazon Kindle has a number of amazing features that make it the best device on the market for digitally storing and reading books, as well as having the ability to do a few other things too that make reading easier. Whilst it may not have as many features as, for example, an iPad, it concentrates on only excelling in the areas that are pertinent to it, leaving out altogether any features that would not enhance the reader’s pleasure whilst reading. To do its job as well as it does, the Amazon Kindle needed a lot of research and development, and those that carried it out have not disappointed any of the expectant buyers.

High Resolution - High Contrast E Ink Screen

So, the main thing that any device like this should do is give the user an unparalleled experience when reading from it – but how does the Kindle do this? Well, firstly it ensures that the screen is up to the task and that it doesn’t prevent the reader from enjoying their latest book. It has a high contrast E ink screen, which gives 50% better contrast when compared to other brands, as well as having a feature ensuring there is no glare when being used in bright sunlight. Both of these features ensure that the reader can do as much reading as they want, whenever they want.

Amazon Kindle Battery

This ability to read at any time is also enhanced by the amazing battery life that the Amazon Kindle has. After one charge - and assuming that the wireless is turned off – the Kindle can be left on for up to a whole month without needing another charge. This enables the reader to do some reading whenever they like – even if there is no power source nearby! If the wireless is turned on the battery life will decrease, however it will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Lightning Fast Download Speeds

The most exciting feature that this enables the Kindle to do is download books at any time, meaning the owner will never be short of something to read. In fact, the downloads only take about 90 seconds, ensuring that there is no waiting around either! With no monthly payments or fees for use, the wireless feature can be enjoyed by everyone.

PDF Reader Compatibility

If the reader is working their way through a book that is slightly more taxing on the brain, they may find the inbuilt PDF reader on the Kindle a great help. This includes a dictionary, meaning that readers can search the meaning of a word at the touch of a button. In addition to this the owner can also make notes on the book – especially handy if it’s being used for school or college work. In fact, if there is a particularly important part of the book that needs remember, the Kindle can even do the job of highlighting it for the reader – much better than writing on a real book and therefore ruining it for others.

So in conclusion, the Kindle can do everything and more that is expected from a product of its type. As the market leader, everyone looking for an electronic reader should definitely take a look at the Amazon Kindle – they’ll be amazed at what it can do!


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