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What I Like About Google Hangouts App

Updated on October 13, 2015

Hangouts with Call log

Hangout Dialer Call history A screenshot I took off my phone.
Hangout Dialer Call history A screenshot I took off my phone.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts hasn't been around that long at all, actually. Google created a way for users to text, call, chat. and video call all for free. This application is not only on the Google play store and Android devices, but users can use it on iOS, Android, Windows and Macs. This application you can even send SMS and MMS to users and outside users. If you have an active phone with sim, you are able to text and call any user regardless of their mobile OS or OS and/or carriers. If you just have WiFi only, you are still able to make free calls just as long as you have a Google Voice number. If not, your number will display as unknown on the other person's ID caller. So, some users might not pick up your call. With hangouts, you can also video chat with other users that are using hangouts as well. This won't matter if they are using a mobile device or a PC or laptop or tablet. The video chat is also free to use. In some cases if you are going international, meaning outside the US, there are international fees for calling and texting using hangouts. But the international rates aren't that bad. If you are using wifi all the time, it shouldn't be a problem. Now that Google added material design to all of Hangouts, which will keep it up to par with all the other major Google material design apps. Now version 5.0 is available for Android which improves some major lags and bug fixes, it has become a much more stable and satisfying calling and texting app out there to date. I have added a video and screenshots to show exactly what the Hangouts looks like on mobile devices. You can see them below...

Google Hangouts Version 5.0 Update

Contacts Tab

In the Hangouts Contact Tab, you will see your hangouts contacts as well as your normal contacts from either your sim card, email account, or your device.

Hangouts on iOS

Me holding a iPod Touch using the Hangouts app in the Dialer Tab
Me holding a iPod Touch using the Hangouts app in the Dialer Tab

Google Hangouts Call Log Tab

In Google Hangout's call log tab you will see all of your dialed numbers and miscalls from video chats.

Hangouts Message Tab

For Google Hangouts message tab you will see all of your messages, whether it is from other people that use Google Hangouts or people that text you using SMS messages.


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