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What I don't like about Amazon Kindle

Updated on November 3, 2010

What I don't like kindle are:

Kindle only comes in black and white, because E-ink technology used in the Kindle does not support color at this time.

The screen is said to make it relatively easy on the eyes, but the white colour seems very unnatural and, looks like the pale face of diabetes patient.

6" screen is too small, it's awkward to handle a PDF file. I don't know there is another version, Kindle DX is currently available in North America. You can't imagine how I am jealous of people who live in that country!

No touch screen, and the keyboard occupies a lot of space.

Kindle support Chinese in UTF-8 format, but some characters are missing, which are displayed as a square instead.

Next/Previous Page buttons on the left side is unnecessary, or on the wrong place. Do you think that it would be be better to move the left buttons to the mop? Because when I change to landscape view, my right hand should hold topside. Now I have to turn the page at the bottom. Normally you will buy Kindle with a leather cover, when you open the leather cover to read, your left hand hold the edge it, not easy to read those left buttons.

The Text to Speech is awful, of course I understand that Amazon has adopted the latest technology.


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