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What You Must Know Before You Buy Moto X

Updated on November 20, 2013

The Shortfalls of Motorola Moto X and its Great Features

  • Introduction

Most of the time when I write a critical review on an electronic gadget, I usually write extensively mainly on the shortfalls of the gadget because most reviewers would have discussed extensively on the great features. But Motorola Moto X will be different, this is because it is indeed a great phone, and I love it. Anyway, this does not make it perfect. So in these article both the great features and the shortfalls will be discussed. There are indeed many great features of Moto X but I will like to discuss only the ones that are exceptionally great, you can find discussion of other features not discussed here on other reputable review websites like techradar.

  • Great Features of Moto X

Touchless Control

This is a great feature present in Moto X. This phone uses the a natural language processor that is able to respond to your voice. You may need to train this feature in order to enjoy it very well. This can be done in a quiet room. With this feature you can set an alarm, check your messages, find out about weather among others.

Moto X Front View

Motorola Assist and Motorola Connect

Motorola Assist helps you with the phone when you should not be bothered; for example when you are driving or when sleeping. You can customize this feature so that it suits your taste. The Motorola Connect allows you to see who is calling, read text and reply to it directly from you computer's chrome browser. The notification system of this phone is also fantastic.


MotoMaker allows you to custom-order Moto X online. It is usually great having the opportunity to choose exactly what you love. This is what the MotoMaker provides. According to wikipedia MotoMaker allows " users to choose between black and white colors for the front of the device, 18 color options for the rear cover, 7 colors for "accents" (including the camera ring and bezel buttons), 16 or 32 GB of storage, and to pre-configure the device's Google account and wallpaper." Unfortunately the feature is only available for those purchasing their device through AT&T. For now, it is only the black and white versions that you can get from other carriers.

  • Shortfalls of Moto X

Lack of SD card Space

One challenge a prospective buyer can have with Moto X is the inability to expand its memory. The Moto X generally comes in 16gig and 32gig. This can pose a serious constraints to somebody that values large memory. I think that Motorola should take into consideration the option of providing expandable memory for their latter generation phones as they do for Motorola Droid X. This will enable customers to enjoy benefits that come with having a large memory.

Battery Issue

The phone has 2200 mAh battery. I believe Motorola should improve on this battery. Many other smartphone batteries have better power so they should also improve. Also, like iPhone batteries, the battery is not user-replaceable. I will expect Motorola to produce a phone that has battery that is user-replaceable in the nearest futrure just as they do in some of their fomer generation phones, for example Motorola Droid X has a battery that is user replaceable. This will make it possible for users to carry extra battery when travelling, or when the need arises.

Moto X Back View

Comparisons Between Moto X, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Moto X
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Unlocked version is being sold around $600 on Amazon
Sold around $600 on amazon
sold around $700 on amazon
2200 mAh battery
3000 mAh battery
3200 mAh battery
2gig Ram
2gig Ram
3 gig Ram
non expandable memory
non expandable memory
expandable memory

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Which phone will you consider to be the best among these?

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Also I think that if you are a prospective buyer, then I will advise that you use a case with this phone so as to prevent the phone from scratching. You may consider buying a quality phone case from amazon. With this piece of information, I hope that a prospective buyer will be able to make an informed decision on whether to buy Moto X or not. Please as a means of appreciating this research work, you can help me share this article with friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, google plus etc. Happy Reading.


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