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The Best Uses of the iPad| Part 2

Updated on March 30, 2013
The iPad
The iPad

This is the 2nd part of the hub " The Best Uses of the iPad". These two hubs are the part of a series of two hubs. I have tried to write briefly about the uses of Apples' stylist iPad. I hope that this hub will be beneficial to you.

In the first part I have discussed about 8 uses of the iPad. Here I am going to tell you about 9 more uses. Feel free to share your opinions regarding the topic. I shall be glad to know about more innovative uses of the iPad. Do not forget to give a like to this post. Share this post to your friends.

9) For Digital Comics

Like the eBooks and Magazines, the comic industry has also gone digital. The bright, colorful and large screen of the iPad is superb as a comic reader. If you have a collection of PDF comics then you can transfer those to your iPad to read at your leisure. There are very good cbz or cbr format comic reader apps like Comic Flow, Comic Zeal, and Cloud Readers etc.

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10) For Office Work

No, iPad is not all play. You can use it to do boring office work with some new novelty. The iPad is handy for office work on the go due to its smaller size and lesser weight. The iWork Suit from Apple is appropriate for office usage. The iWork Suit is divided into Pages (equivalent to MS Word), Number (equivalent to MS Excel) and Keynote (equivalent to MS PowerPoint). Documents To Go Premium is also a good alternative if you want another office app package.


11) For Video Conferencing

Is it not cool to attend a video conference with friends? An iPad can be used for these purposes. You can use the Google Plus app for conferencing. Not only for fun, but this feature can also be utilized for business purposes.

12) Video Calling

Video calling can be made via Apple’s FaceTime service. Is not it cool to see your partner while talking in the screen of iPad, which is big enough to view a person properly but small enough to carry? Skype is also a good and very popular app for video calling.

13) Digital Photo Album

Would it not be cool to load all your pictures in your iPad and let the friends watch how did little Bob was jumping after seeing the red crabs on the beach? The large, crystal clear screen of the iPad is the dream choice for a digital photo album.

There are many apps available in the market which can convert it to a shiny photo album. You can keep a single photo open or can set a slideshow.

14) As a Wi-Fi Hotspot

The iPad 3 has a tethering option. With tethering on, you can use your iPad as your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect your cellphones and laptops via this hotspot to internet. In this way you can share your internet connection. But, it you have a capped data plan then excessive use of this hotspot feature may eat your data quickly.

15) As a Personal Assistant

Everybody knows about much hyped Siri, the digital voice operated assistant of the iDevices. Well, Siri can do a lot of things for you like setting up your calendar events and scheduling your meetings. You can also book nearby cinemas and restaurants using the iPad.

Siri in Action

16) As a Video Camera

I know, I know, it is too large to use as a video camera but still if you need one at hand, you can use it. Do not worry; the video quality of iPad3 is not bad. You can even, edit your videos using editing apps like Apple’s iMovie.

17) For Social Networking

The users of social networks are increasingly going mobile. The iPad is the right solution for using social networks. You can take it with you and also can get the convenience of large screen. While using FaceBook or Twitter on the ipad, you do not feel cramped like that on a Smartphone.

But iPad is a bliss for the Pinterest fans. The pictures appear gloriously on the screen.

Best Uses of the iPad| Part I.................. PREVIOUS


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    • botipton profile image

      Bo Tipton 

      5 years ago from Cecilia, KY

      No if I can just get one to wash dishes it would be a perfect tool to have. Great job on explaining iPad. I have to get me one.


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