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Video Marketing Promotions: What are the advantages to using video marketing to prelaunch a product.

Updated on September 12, 2012

Advantages Of Using Video For A Product Prelaunch

Perhaps the main advantage is showing and detailing all of the benefits of the product or service and outlining each one, so that potential customers are clear on what they are going to buy, or make a decision to buy later on.

Prelaunch videos are quite the popular method of marketing your products or services and giving people an insight into your main product, quite often the top marketers use this method to present a slideshow of the benefits of owning this product or service, so they can then presell their targeted audience, maybe they do a series of 4 or 5 free videos that could be useful or with valuable content that solves some of their problems with a particular way of doing things.

And then on the last video you put a sign up form were they can learn more if they wish, further details or further contact could be provided by email communications so that you could explain more about the product with other related content.

Also the element of trust comes into it quite alot, if you show you are knowledgeable and you show yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about, you build a decent amount of credibility, so first impressions could be deemed as very important when presenting your video content to a targeted audience.

Video tutorials are very popular and are always part of an internet marketers arsenal, they provide personal reviews, insights and expert guidance if done right.

Passing on ones knowledge is to educate, and being educated is really just learning, so whatever you learn by whether it be ebooks, reports, actual software or video tutorials make it a useful resource for others and try and be new and innovative with the medium you choose.

Video Marketing

Image by Profanic On Flickr -
Image by Profanic On Flickr -

How would you use video marketing to market your products or services?

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    • VerticalMeasures profile image

      VerticalMeasures 7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Wow Wayne, thanks for providing so many great resources. I just did a post on video marketing as well... ..but it is more of beginners post. Great tips from Keith above as well!

    • startliving profile image

      startliving 9 years ago from kentucky

      Hello Wayne ,,I totally agree with you on the video marketing is taking over as a go to marketing tool for pre-launch,product show,and pop-ups are growing also but i think what the reason for this is ,,we as humans seem to be in a race around everything and don't have the time to read all of the text no more and the fact is that we watch videos and we remember the flashes of the certain great parts for sometime where we do not remember the text we read because of info. over-load and for this reason we are going to have to go to video for advertising because of these reasons and not to mention it is a very viral and easy platform to master after we get to know our software and video marketing is going to be a marketers way they are going to have to use because of its all around service it does offer us,it shows our businesses or products while it tells and explains why we need it and if done correctly it can be a great tool of build up toward our launches and then we show the main video and it is instilled in our prospects minds for days to come..

      I will stop this comment with a question,,,will we remember a message in text form about a great product in 3 days or in 3 days will you remember the video you watched on this product ....

      Answer this question and i think you will have a complete understanding of how important the video marketing is going to be for the years to come with he technology we have now..we are in the technology overload of our lives and we have all video social networks and video this and video that,,last and not least i think we are going to have to use video to keep up with the top money producers in marketing today..

      You can check out this all video site here that has platform for marketers to promote there businesses and you can stream your video straight on to there servers,,this is a example of how far our technology has come to date and what is coming to the marketing game.

      thanks and great post,,

      keith warf

      Success with keith and penny