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What is Sumo Backup? (About the Author of This Hub)

Updated on October 26, 2009

Sumo Online Backup with multiple file versions

Sumo Backup provides premium file backup solutions that can save your company in cases of crisis, irrespective of its size, providing both protection from loss of critical business information.

It allows companies to manage all their data storage without opting for external equipment. The best feature of this amazingly helpful backup solution is its continuous storage of recent files. Instead of backing up at the end of the day, it uploads file changes instantly as you save them.

Sumo Backup works like "insurance"for all types of data, running simultaneously at the background as you work. Using IBM’s Tivoli technology, it aims at providing the best possible local and Internet backup and file recovery solutions to companies at a much simpler, faster and secure manner.

Sumo Backup creates multiple versions of a single file as soon as the user saves it. In the past, you would've had to schedule daily backups to tape. Using methods like this, you face the risk of losing all your work in case of a sudden crisis. Also, in case a file is infected by a virus or has been mistakenly deleted, this multi-versioned storage system enables you to recover the previously stored data.

With the fast pace of today's business environment, you cannot afford to wait for hours for your information backups. Sumo backup acts as a facilitator in such situations when you data instantly stored for future reference.

Along with simply storing the data, it also provides a certain amount of security to all stored data by allowing users to set private passwords for encryption.

Sumo Backup acts as a safety net in cases a file has been accidentally deleted, which is perhaps one of the most common ways that people lose data. Because Sumo Backup stores several copies of the files, and backs them up constantly as they are saved, this software helps in the easy recovery of the data at a future point in time.

This heavy-duty and speedy backup software works with Windows 7 and most previous versions. Another important feature is that all files are stored in secure and dependable RAID disks, which are faster and more reliable than slower tape backup technology.

A free trial of Sumo Backup is available easily online and the upgrades can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Currently there are three plans one can avail, namely, 3 GB Silver budget-friendly plan at a monthly rate of $4.95, 5 GB Gold plan at a monthly price of $8.95 and 10 GB Platinum value plan at $17.95 per month. The Gold Plan is the most popular of the three at present.*

*(This information is accurate as of date of publication)


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