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What is the meaning of Apple iOS?

Updated on February 20, 2014

Apple iOS:The engine room of Apple exploits

Meaning of Apple iOS

The term Apple iOS can look vague if one is not conversant with Apple inc. Apple iOS was formally known as iPhone OS. It is a mobile Operating system developed by Apple incorporated. iOS is the brain behind Apple success and market dominance of its products such as the iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.

Apple inc. does not license its Operating system to third parties like Google Android and Microsoft windows phones. That is, other phone manufacturers cannot get license to install iOS as their mobile Operating system. iOS is the exclusive preserve for Apple gadgets as at the time of writing this review.

History of Apple iOS

Apple iOS has seen series of generations from iOS 1.0 to the latest iOS 7 released in the month of September, 2013 . Apple mobile Operating System is dated back to June, 2007 when it was first released with the launch of the iPhone.

Apple mobile Operating System is an off shoot of Apple OS X used on Apple Computers. The term iOS was first used in the month of June, 2010, before then the Operating system was simply known as iPhone OS. Perhaps this became necessary as more of Apple devices operate on the iOS platform. It will sound odd to describe the Operating System across board as iPhone OS.

Apple initially did not allow third party Applications, but this was reversed when Apple management announced in October 17th, 2007 the unveiling of Software Development kit (SDK) which was made available to third party Software developers in 2008.

This became necessary than ever as Apple became a victim of what is technically referred to as “Software jail breaking”. This is a situation when an Application is uploaded into Apple devices which is not native to the original device manufacturer and without permission even when there are laws that guard against it.

Some analyst adduced restriction in software access which some users felt could make the Apple experience better to be the reason for the activities of hackers.

History has it that Cisco IOS Technologies has initially registered the Trademark IOS as its own native Operating System. In order to avoid any future legal tussle, Apple has to get licence from Cisco to register iOS. One of the World most dynamic mobile Operating System is the Apple iOS. It receives upgrade at least once a year.

Upon its released in 2007, Apple Mobile Operating System dominated the Smartphone market accounting for over 60% as at 2011. Apple iOS has over 70,000 Applications in its Application store. The peculiarities of iOS gave it such dominance. Some of the features were pioneered by Apple and as Smartphones users always long for something new, it overthrew the like of BlackBerry Operating System which dominated the market earlier.

However, as at second quarter of 2012, iOS lost the battle to Android Mobile Operating System. Android based Smartphones took over the Smartphone market accounting for over 65% of sales. Innovation is the hallmark of excellence and dominance in the mobile phone market even when there are loyalists to a particular product.

This is why some analyst are of the opinion that the like of iPad and other gadgets of Apple may soon lost their pride of place if iOS remain static or with minor upgrade as compared to its competitors.

Apple iPad concept in demostration
Apple iPad concept in demostration | Source

Features of Apple iOS

Apple iOS has features that are peculiar. The concept of multi-touch screen display on Smartphone, tablets and computers was brought into prominence by Apple inc. These gestures include swiping of Applications to different points on the Home screen and minimising for other Applications display if the need be.

Apple iOS brought about Siri a Personal Digital Assistance(PDA) that is able to respond to and answer questions demonstrating artificial intelligence. You can ask Siri to give you direction to for example the closest Airport, Library, Restaurant, SMS someone, open an Application etc. These are spoken commands which otherwise was only possible via a hardware direct manipulation. This work on Apple supported devices. Other features include:

  • iMessage, for instant messaging.
  • Face Time: enhances Video calling.
  • Game Centre: Enhances friends’ invitation to play games (multi- game play interface) and at the same time able to tract results.
  • Multi-task environment: Various Applications running at same time.
  • Voice control facility.
  • Third party Application interface
  • Application Switcher: Allow users to switch from one application to the other.
  • Maps: keep Street names and Cities, put you on course.
  • Passbook: This represent a virtual wallet, for storing items such as coupons, tickets, etc.
  • GPS Tracking and navigation.
  • iStore: Where Applications can be downloaded.
  • iTunes: Download music and help do your upgrade.
  • Facebook full integration.
  • Safari mobile browser.
  • Airplay : Allow wireless streaming from phone to Apple TV
  • iCloud: Store music, photos,contacts etc. and you could accessed them from anywhere via compatible devices through the internet.

Apple iOS 7 is trending topics at the moment as reviewers try to ascertain its place with respect to the future of Apple gadgets that have gain so much popularity and market acceptance over the years. Will the shift of loyalty remain, as Android dominates the smartphone market as at the end of 2012 and the first and second quarter and fourth of 2013.

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