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What is your favorite app for the iPad?

Updated on September 10, 2010

The Best App for the iPad

The Significant Changes that the iPad brings to the world

I've been experimenting with the iPad for almost a week now, downloading as many free aps as I can, surfing the web, transferring my music.  It can be a very entertaining device.  Although I expected it to be a good productivity device for places like hubpages, I would not recommend it for typing unless you got a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.  But it is fast enough for searching the web, playing games, watching videos on youtube etc.  As I continue to use the iPad, I can't help but ponder on the thought of what changes the iPad can bring into the world.  Some of the changes I consider are so drastic and so quick that its almost unbelievable. 

A good example of a significant change I've experienced is the fact that I will never need to buy a newspaper again.  In fact, waking up in the morning and getting the news from several different apps can be very overwhelming in the morning because you literally have access to more information and news than your brain can actually process at once.  Getting movie times, getting breaking news, communicating on social media sites, its mindboggling to me when I think about seeing people walk around airports with these things.  I'm actually nervous to use mine in public - I feel like its a guilt thing I guess?

My Favorite iPad app so far

I just downloaded the I am T-Pain because I was curious about it, and it sounded fun to me. This app is very entertaining and I've enjoyed using it with friends. It is definitely my favorite iPad app so far when it comes to entertainment. It really does modify your voice significantly and therefore I dare say that it is my favorite app so far for the iPad. There are also a lot of free games that you can download that are fun to play, the ipad is very responsive to movement that is required to play the games. If you go test one out at an apple store you'll see what I mean. One thing is for sure, the iPad can be used for productivity but it can definitely be a real time waster too if you start buying games. Personally, I prefer to use it primarily for productivity.

There are plenty of Apps for the iPad that cater to News, and Entertainment

I have a few favorite apps when it comes to getting my news. The reason behind this is that there are certain news sources that are well rounded, and there are certain sources that only cater to specific topics. Nevertheless, there are some really good apps for the iPad when it comes to getting news.  

As I continue using the iPad to catch up on the news, it seems that my iPad has completely replaced newspapers because I no longer need to look at a newspaper to get the news. The only exception to this realization is when I just want to read about local news or if I want to visit the local classifieds. However, I predict that there will be a classifieds app coming out soon because Craigslist already has an app that is out for the iPad.

Here are some of my Favorite Apps for the iPad

With that being said, I want to hear what other people's favorite app for ipad or iphone is. What is your favorite app for the ipad? The more answers we get, the better we can make this article!!! Thanks!


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    • jakewriter profile image

      jakewriter 6 years ago from India features iPad apps for kids. I think children will derive the greatest benefit from the iPad.