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Where To Buy Cell Phone Records

Updated on July 13, 2010

There are a number of different possible reasons as to why you would want to buy cell phone records.  You may think that your spouse is cheating on you and want to have proof before accusing them forthright of anything.  In this case you would want to find out who has been bothering you and go forth with charging them if you wanted to.  It is easier to buy cell phone records than ever before and there are a few routes you could choose to take for this.

 Before going ahead with this however, it would be wise to try a reverse phone call.  This means picking up the phone and dialing *69 or whatever number you have been given for reverse call on the cell phone.  Of course this will only work in situations where you have access to the phone.  After all, the next step will involve you having a couple hundred dollars to burn so if you can do it the cheaper way you will be much better off.

 The site is quite popular and guarantees they will be able to obtain any person’s cell phone records.  All you need to do is pay them, give them the name and number of the person you are trying to trace and they will take care of the rest.  They will provide you with a list of all incoming and outgoing calls for the cell phone number given.  There are other options as well, such as hiring a private investigator.

 Most people know that private investigators are hired to track people down but many did not know they can access phone records.  Cell phone records can be especially difficult to obtain but for most private detectives it is no trouble at all.  Private investigators are usually ex-police officers so you know that they have access to all the important information.  They will often charge a bit higher price because they know what they are doing is illegal but they are usually able to offer you more details which makes it worth it.

 You can basically find out anything you would want to know on a person just by looking at their cell phone records.  You can see who they are dating and who their doctor is.  By reviewing their cell phone records you can see who they are dating, where they go to school, who their doctor is and more.  If you do need to buy cell phone records these are the two most effective ways of going through with it.


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