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Which is the best todo list tasks manager for iPhone?

Updated on March 11, 2012
What would you do with your iPhone?
What would you do with your iPhone?

I love my iPhone, since purchasing it I have gradually added many iPhone Apps to it. Some of those Apps I use regularly others are there stored in case I need them some day.

The best Apps and the most productive ones are the iPhone list manager applications; I downloaded Appigo’s Todo list manager applicationquite a while back and have been using it exhaustively since then. It has really made my day-to-day task or list management very easy. For time management I would most definitely recommend that you get yourself one of these applications pronto.

What is Appigo’s Todo list manager?

Todo list manager application has a great set of tools that makes task management simple and fun. You can use Todo on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad; it helps you to keep your tasks synchronized using Todo Online and you can even access your tasks on your desktop using Outlook.

As we all live in this fast paced world of ours where every second counts and where technology is forever dominating, it is prudent to put those domineering gadgets to the best use. I think iPhone has revolutionised the way we manage our daily activities, although we’ve had other technologies and devices before like the PDA, versions of Blackberry’s, none of them ever succeeded in making life truly easier for people, until iPhone put a different perspective to using a mobile or smart phone with its interactivity and touch screen features.

The Todo list manager does everything you’d want in an iPhone todo list manager application. With so many features, fields, colours, icons, and customization options, it is a real marvel to use.

Using Todo list manager you can set up bells and whistles that diehard organizers may consider essential, in cases where you need reminders to complete tasks or attend meetings it allows you to setup timers on tasks in your list which will give audible reminders.

The Appigo’s todo list manager application is good at communicating to other online and desktop to-do list or task management applications embedded in software like Microsoft Outlook.

Learn how best to manage time

View the video below which shows you the features you can use on todo list manager app:

What features do I get using Appigo’s Todo list manager?

If you decide to use Appigo’s Todo list manager then you will find the following features:

Smart Organization

The todo list manager allows you to group tasks together and keep things tidy. It also allows you to follow the Getting Things Done (GTD) method.

Synchronization of Tasks

You can use Appigo’s Todo Online service to synchronize your tasks over-the-air. It also sync’s with Outlook and iCal.

Repeating or Recurring Tasks

Set up repeating rules to save you time for recurring items. For example I need to attend a meeting every Monday at 8am.  Set it up as a repeating tasks and it will continuously alert you to that meeting on the due dates.

Multiple Task Alerts

Set as many reminder alerts as you need to help you complete your tasks in the list or project.

Security Passcode Protection

You can secure your todo list manager, keep it locked and secure by setting a passcode.

In Summary:

If you have time management pressures and ever increasing tasks to get done then this application – iPhone Todo list manager takes the pain out of it all. You can set multiple todo task lists and projects are also available. You can setup repeating tasks, prioritize tasks, and also create tasks quickly that are placed in your Inbox for adding detail later. You can view one, two or all important tasks by setting the filter to “All Lists”.

It will allow you to knock out those urgent tasks no matter what category or project they are in. Say good bye to those time management problems and get back in control of your todo lists.

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