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White BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Updated on March 12, 2007

T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Review

White BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Like many of you, I want to upgrade my cell phone. Without the outlay of mega bucks up to a two year contract is required so I am hesitant to make a final decision. I currently use a flip style Smartphone but I can see a PDA style phone in my future. Personally I have fallen in love with several models but none had all of the features I am looking for.

One of my considerations is the BlackBerry®. Its popularity is not surprising - absolutely everyone knows the name - but now there is one that has really caught my eye and deserves a closer look. Size and functionality are essential and both are addressed with this Quad-band phone that operates on the Edge network which provides a connection that is both fast and reliable and that can be accessed from any country that has T-Mobile GPRS service.

What makes the White BlackBerry® PearlTM 8100TM so exciting? The love at first sight design of course. It is sleek, shiny, thin, and is topped with a 4 way navigational trackball that some say resembles a pearl. The color screen is bright with 240 X 260 pixels with a light sensing feature that optimizes lighting for indoor verses outdoor. The weight is 3.2 ounces and it measures approximately 2 inches wide, 4.2 inches long and is only about a ½ inch thick. Even with the slight size its TrueTypeTM QWERTY keyboard is easy to use. I have found the word sexy associated with the White BlackBerry® PearlTM 8100TM.

Additional features of the White BlackBerry® PearlTM 8100TM include a 1.3 megapixel camera, the ability to play music and video, the convenience of wireless Bluetooth® 2.0 and a microSD slot (located behind the battery) which provides increased memory above the onboard 64MB flash. The 64 MB of flash memory protects data and settings during short period of time that the battery is removed. Beyond the obvious, it is a speaker phone with voice activated dialing, it lets you send/receive email with up to 10 email addresses, it lets you browse the web, it lets you send/receive text messages - both SMS and MMS, it lets you send/receive instant messages through AOL-Yahoo-MSN-ICQ, and it helps you find your way with a mapping application.

Organization is a cinch with the use of the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Commonly used Outlook and Outlook Express as well as other Personal Information Management software (PIM) can be synced with this phone. For the corporate users there is the BlackBerry® Enterprise Exchange Server Support.

The White BlackBerry® PearlTM 8100TM is exclusive to T-Mobile. The suggested retail price is approximately $349.99 but with a T-Mobile plan and instant rebates it can be purchased for less. This phone can also be purchased from other retailers including and even on In the box you will receive several white accessories including, a travel charger, a USB cable, and stereo headset. Additional accessories both OEM and non OEM are available such as holsters, cases, Bluetooth® headsets, skins, faceplates and car mounts.


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    • profile image

      ARUN 9 years ago

      I read all the articles of your tech hubs and they are really great !!

    • profile image

      SirReid 10 years ago

      Go Debbie!! This is the type of article consumers don't read to really get a good education for making an informed buying decision. I learned something myself and I am a Blackberry afficianado and Blackberry Enterprise Server consultant since 1999.

    • profile image

      Stephen 10 years ago

      I just got the Pearl 8100 from T-Mobile last week. I previously had the 7105T Blackberry from T-Mobile, but was lucky enough to get the Pearl on a replacement due to some data retrieval issues with my older model. I LOVE the Pearl, it comes all of the great features of my old Blackberry, data sync with Outlook Calendar and Email, with the additional features of MP3 ringtones, a 1.3 megapixel camera and the map feature mentioned in your post.

      I have used several different handsets from T-Mobile and this is by far the BEST device I have come across. RIM finally got it right putting a camera on board this device. I can't imagine my life with the Pearl. I am able to spend time with my family on those slow days I sneak out of the office and I don't miss a beat.

      A quick change to my work email signature and I am good to go.

      Great review Debbie.