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Updated on October 14, 2013




Recently, I have stumbled upon a new website. At first glance I was very skeptical, I mean what is really free. I checked out the website signed up and all that stuff. I provided no credit card information or any of that. I browsed the website for a while and as time began to progress I became more comfortable with the website. Listia, the website I stumbled upon, is like the new eBay. The only difference is that instead of money, they use credits. You might be thinking credits, I'm going to have to buy these if I want to bid on something and the answer is no. Upon signing up you get between 300-350 credits free. You can use these credits to bid on various items such as cell phones, cameras, shoes, clothes, accessories, greeting cards and much much more.

How do I get more credits?

How do I get more credits you ask? You can get credits by checking in everyday to the site, leaving feedback when you receive an item, and bidding on different auctions. They also have special offers that you can complete and in turn you get credits for signing up for a free trial of Netflix, or downloading the newest version of real player 7 or even completing various surveys. Another way you can obtain credits is to list your own items, things around the house you don't want or need that wouldn't make any money off if you sold on eBay. For example you could sell make-up you never used, an old/new video game, or a coupon for something free you know you wont use. It as simple as that.

Check It Out!

If you decide to sign up you can get an additional 100 credits for using my referral link, so please do and once your account is create you can fan me and I will most definitely fan you back. My username is bmhairst, so feel free to fan me. Hope you enjoy!


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