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Why Buy Home Security CCTV Cameras Online?

Updated on December 14, 2009

Home Break Ins, The Danger

The statistics show that home break ins are increasing. This trend may be due to the increased financial difficulties everyone faces these days. In the past home break ins happened when the family was away or during the day, the point being that the home would be empty for the burglars. The recent statistics show that in many cases a home is more often burgled by several burglars and when a family is in. 

This trend indicates that burglars increasingly have no far of entering a home when the family is there at night and sleeping. There is also the home break in criminal who breaks into a home at any time of the day and will deal with the family in whatever manner they feel is necessary, this has been termed a home invasion.

The days of keeping a baseball bat or a fire arm near the bed are over, this type of burglar is not afraid of you, the home owner. This sort of burglar will often employ techniques such as cutting the phone lines to disable alarm systems. The burglar that will do a home invasion is a far more dangerous one to the burglar that lurks waiting for the home to be empty and if you should find yourself victim to a home invasion your best bet is to let them get away with your valuables, you need to worry more about your lives not your valuables.

Home Invasion, What Can You Do?

One way technology has kept up with the changing patterns of home break-ins is the ability for some security systems to use a cell phone to alert the monitoring center for possible break-ins. This means that cutting the telephone lines wont disable the home security system.

An alternative to this expensive state of the art home security system would be a security camera, in our outside the home. A few cameras outside the home will act as a deterrent to the less bold criminals and they will likely move on to a safer target. For those burglars who are bolder and ignore the cameras, the cameras will have the crime recorded for the authorities. Having the burglar on camera is important for the authorities to catch and convict the criminals. Knowing that a home invasion is being caught on camera means that you can focus on you and your families safety instead of what the burglary is going to cost you. 

If The Worst Should Happen

Home invaders often use a variety of tricks to get you to open the door and let them into your home. The most common entry point is your front door, in the case of a surprise attack they will use your garage door. Reports say that most invasions take place because the intruder knocked or rang the bell and was let in.

A home invader will pose as a trusted individual such as a uniformed company representative looking to check a gas leak or to deliver a package. In some cases a person will pose as a person in distress, asking to use your phone or washroom. In the cases of a uniformed official making a home call you can always call the company to inquire about the home visit, if they call you this is not good enough, you must call them for it to be a valid confirmation. You can also ask to see their ID, if they are legitimate employees of a company they will have the company ID on them. Whatever stranger arrives at your door, if you feel that it is suspicious do not open the door, call the company they represent or call the police.

If an individual is successful and bluffs their way into your home comply with all their requests in order to avoid violence. Remember your safety and your families safety are more important then anything a burglar might steal!


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