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Why Choose Blu Ray Disc than any other HD DVD?

Updated on March 8, 2011

The High Definition market finally ended the war with Blu Ray and HD DVD. Blu Ray now is on top. This article is about Blu Ray disc and its features why it finally reigns the HD world.

What is Blu Ray Disc?

The name blu ray is derived from the “blue” laser and optical “ray” used in writing and reading data.

Blu ray disc is the latest next-generation developed digital video disc that is associated with high definition.

Why Choose Blu Ray Disc than Others?

1. The large amount of data it can store

A single-layer Blu ray disc can store 27 GB of data that is about five times the space and amount of data you can store on a regular DVD and a double-layer can store up to 50 GB

2. Offers a wide feature of high-tech interactivity like:

- download subtitles and movie features from the internet

- record high-definition television (HDTV) without any quality loss

- record one program while watching another on the same disc

- create playlists and interactive menus

- organize or edit files stored on the disc

3. Blu Ray got its throne to the HD world. Big and famous companies like SONY, Warner Bros and Wal-Mart chose to rely on Blu Ray than HD DVD (Blu Ray’s rival) If the world relies on Blu Ray, why not you?

Finally, having the perfect high definition home theater would not be completed without having The Perfect High Definition LCD TV


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