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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Jacksfilms?

Updated on April 1, 2017

Sarcasm Isn't A Language

Unless you are on Jacksfilms. It's the only language he is fluent in. His wit and his humor combined with ability to create music have earned him a huge audience. Here are a list of reasons why people love the youtube channel, Jacksfilms.

Terminology - What do these things mean?

Jack has a lot of terminology and phrases that are difficult to understand unless you've watched some of his videos. Here are the definitions of some of them.

PMS - For women, this is the horrible thing that makes us moody and bloated once a month. For Jacksfilms, it means "Parodies, Music Videos, and Sketches."

YIAY - YIAY stands for "Yesterday, I asked you..." This is a series of videos where Jack asks questions and then reads people's ridiculous and humorous youtube comments and mixes them with some sarcasm of his own.

YGS - YGS stands for "Your Grammar Sucks." It's a series of videos where Jack reads some of the most poorly written comments online for what they literally say, often with humorous results. His objective is not only to make people laugh, but also to help improve grammar online by posting comments about common grammar mistakes people making online. For instance, explaining the difference to people between "your" and "you're."

Jackask - A series of videos where people ask Jack questions on social media or youtube comments and he answers them in humorous and ridiculous ways.

Trash - Anything Jack hates.

1. Me Me Big Boy

He's a big boy and telemarketers don't like it. Count on Jack to know how to make even the most persistent telemarketers hang up the phone in exasperation!

2. Jack's Giant Forehead

We must all worship Jack's giant forehead. It's where he gets his powers of sarcasm and humor!

Really, though, I don't get why people say his forehead is huge. It looks normal sized to me, but him reading the comments of all the people who hate his forehead leads to some pretty hilarious moments and shows he knows how to take hate online and twist it to his advantage.

3. Your Grammar Sucks

The internet is full of terrible grammar and Jack is ready to call everyone out on it. By reading out loud some of the worst comments online: full of spelling mistakes and horrible grammar choices, he makes us all laugh and people are too busy laughing to realize that they're learning the difference between rapping and raping. He's making people smarter and he's entertaining them at the same time, which is a rare combination. He's an internet superhero!

4. The Romance?

So much love. So much Harambe.

You may not be able to create a romantic song yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't help create one by commenting on YIAY.

5. ...And The Music

Jack's greatest talent may be sarcasm, but he's also good at creating catchy songs that make you laugh as you listen to them over and over again.

6. Kidz Bop

Who can forget Jack's videos on Kidz Bop? I know I sure as f-...I mean, sure as freak can't.

7. Snuggies

The first video of Jack's most of us ever saw. I didn't even know who he was back then, but I definitely agreed that Snuggies were ridiculous and I didn't want one. Even though I sometimes walk around the house with a blanket wrapped around me, I still can't justify buying and wearing one of these.

8. Drinking Games

What's funnier than jack reading comments with bad grammar in them? Jack reading comments with bad grammar in them while he's drunk.

9. He's A "JackAsk"

He's sarcastic, he has no filter, and he just doesn't care. All these things make him funny and a big, old, freaking Jackask, so ask him questions and maybe he'll give you the answers that you never knew you wanted.

10. His Dogs

You may hate his sarcasm and not get his jokes, but who can resist his fluffy little doggies, Klondike and Sundae? They are always an adorable addition to any of his videos!

11. He Teaches Us So Much

Wow, I never knew any of those things. Best one hundred facts that didn't actually add up to a hundred video that I've ever seen in my life!


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