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Why Google felt that panda update was necessary

Updated on August 20, 2011

No doubt, the Google Panda update has come as a shocker to many site owners, but the question remains as why Google felt it was necessary. Google is known to make sudden changes in its search ranking policy, but this Google Panda update was absolutely different. It was done to isolate site owners who have indulged in malpractices. Some were doing it unknowingly, and some began ignoring the vital facts of search engine marketing.

Google realized that there are many new sites entering the space with each passing day. Every other guy seems to be ignited with a passion to own a site, and that has led to complete online chaos. The online traffic has become so messed up that it was hard to distinguish the honest site owners from the dishonest ones. It was time Google decided to come up with a Panda update to determine the honesty of these sites. Are these sites willing to just make their presence felt, or does they have decent information for their visitors.

Irrelevant links

Many sites began spamming, which included posting back links in low quality sites and they seemed only interested in increasing the volume of back links. Some sites, or to be more specific few article directories were more interested in getting any content, rather than quality content. They would allow links in the Author’s bio section, which may not necessarily have any association with the article content. That was misusing the trust which visitors had on these sites. Google came hard on them.

The real beneficiaries are those who may have ordinary sites, but they practiced honest policy of link building, and promoting their content. Google Panda update had worked wonders for them. Some of these ordinary sites, which never had a single page rank, all these years, have witnessed a jump to PR3, which is the reward of their hard work all these years.

The irrelevant back links will now be looked upon harshly by Google, and it will only be the few who are eager to work hard to promote their sites, will continue to see a surge in the site’s page rank.

Placement of too many advertisements

Site owners were too concerned with increasing their revenue. They will place Adsense ads on every nook and corner of a page. The site’s page will not have a place for visitors to even breathe. At least 6 blocks of adsense ads on a page, which includes a search block, and then there will be more ads from other networks. Now that is something Google noticed and came down hard on such sites.

The message Google gave with its Panda update is that site owners should not forget the basics of having a site. Every site is created with a purpose. Earning from a site comes along with it, but it is not the only goal. The aim of each site is to provide proper information, or services to the general site visitors, and that is what a site stands for. A site owner should never forget the importance of having a site. Google needs quality, and Panda update is a way forward for everyone to realize that Google will come hard on anyone who does not stick to the hidden online rules of content marketing.


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    • profile image

      Rajiv Sighamony 6 years ago

      Yes, Nikashi, I am happy that Panda update worked for you.

    • profile image

      nikashi_designs 6 years ago

      Really great short article explaining why Google changed its search method. In a nutshell, quality over tons of garbage. People get so caught up on building websites or blogs with tons of ads, and no quality content. Everyone has the same ads, the same links, affiliate programs. The funny thing is since Panda came into play, my web ranking has more than doubled and still growing. Traffic has increased. My point is Panda is only a problem for certain types of websites or blogs. Thanks