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Why I Like Using Hostgator For Hosting Wordpress Blogs For Beginners

Updated on March 25, 2013

Why I Like Hosting Wordpress Blogs Easy For Beginners

HostGator is a popular choice for hosting Wordpress Blogs, especially for beginners as they have a great one step one click installation for Wordpress Blogs. I have been using HostGator to host my Wordpress Blogs for quite some time now and I have no plans on changing hosts. In this Hub I'm going to tell you several reasons why I use HostGator and what HostGator offers in terms of webhostnig that other webhosting service providers don't offer.

I love Google Blogger...maybe too much. When I first started blogging I decided to use Blogger as it doesn't require you to self host so I needed no upfront investment to test the waters. It's also very user friendly and easy to navigate. The downside of Blogger is you are limitd in what you can do in terms of SEO and also you don't own your own site, Google does. For these reasons I decided to do a self hosted Wordpress Blog. I wish I would have done it earlier but was hesitant I wans't up to the technical aspects of self hosting a blog, using Wordpress, etc. Wordpress is relatively easy to pickup and learn and somewhat similar to Blogger and with HostGators one click a setup even as a not so tech saavy newbie I was able to get things setup relatively easily.

So you're probably asking yourself why I choose HostGator with so many other options out there. The main reasons I use HostGator for my webhosting is ease of use, amazing support, and good prices.

As I stated, there's plenty of options out there for webhosting so why did I choose HostGator. What does HostGator offer that other webhosting platforms don't? I have worked with numerous webhosting companies and HostGators support blows everyone else out of the water as far as I'm concerned. They have always been very helpful and they have saved my site on numerous occasions.

If you are a new Wordpress user and are looking for web hosting options I would definately recommend HostGator. The one step one click installation of Wordpress blogs makes it a snap for even a newbie and if you do need help their support is great. They are also very competitively priced.


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