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Why I Quit a 9 to 5

Updated on May 2, 2020
Jai89 profile image

Six months ago, I took the plunge from financial security in employment. In this blog I say why I broke away and went independent.

"I Just conformed to a way of living without even realising it"

It isn't something that is recommended, I knew that! but I did not care.

It wasn't because I didn't like my job, because I did.

What made me certain, I was tired of using up eleven hours out of my day, just to get paid enough to barely live and get by or invest in my dream.

I always knew what I wanted to do, I Just conformed to a way of living without even realising it, recognising this was starting to make me even more depressed and anxious with a hint of insomnia on top.

I started to really struggle! I struggled for months with my mental health, waking up in the middle of the night on a regular basis with anxiety/panic attacks, sweating, tossing and turning, going out of my mind!

The management had resigned and the work load was put on me to carry.

There was no support, I even went to my Director to raise the issues, and told him, I was undergoing work related stress and that I needed support with the extra work load.

In the meeting a statement was made where he said

"You aren't actually doing anything that isn't outside your job description and you have always had an issue with your mental health since before you started here".

I went away from that meeting feeling worse than I did before going in.


It was time to Sink or Swim?

Luckily, it was a week away to the Easter Holidays and I could take a week off as Annual Leave, away from teaching, away from what was growing to be a hostile environment.

It was on my Annual Leave where I thought really hard about what I wanted to do and what I needed to do. I was stuck between two worlds, working less than part time on my passion and my dream and working all the hours on somebody else's dream, just like many of us in life.

So I decided to go with my heart and my gut and wrote my resignation letter and handed it in to the Director, personally as soon as I could.

(No body wants to deal with mental health, so he was delighted to receive the letter).

"Start saying NO to the shit you hate"

It has now been six months since my last day of employment and I do not regret it at all. Since being fully independent, I have faced many up's and down's but I have not had no where near as much as a bad time mentally doing what I love.

I finally have a sense of purpose in my life, I have progressed positively in my development in producing music, mixing and mastering my songs, I am able to write more and put all my energy into what I want to do.

I've built up a client base for my part time Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services to pay my mortgage and put food on the table.

Now I have more time to focus on building my independent record label and working with talented artists in a productive and creative lifestyle.

I even have a new relationship! good things happen when you follow the path you were meant to be on.

The reason I wrote this blog is to reflect on where I came from in such a short space of time, and also to give value to anybody who may read this.

Start saying no the the shit you hate and say yes to living for what you love doing.

Make a difference for yourself to make a difference for others.

© 2019 Jai89


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