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Why Use the Genesis Framework for Your First Wordpress Website?

Updated on August 4, 2013

Genesis is one of the most popular frameworks used by webmasters and Wordpress experts today. This framework has been proven to be more stable, more flexible, and easier to improve than all other frameworks in the market, but the number of devoted Genesis Framework users are still eclipsed by those who use the default Wordpress structure.

If you are doubting whether moving to the Genesis framework is a good idea at a time when Google’s algorithm prefers websites that have a strong social following, here are reasons that should help you arrive at a smart decision:


1. The Genesis Framework is flexible, not just in design, but also in its SEO capabilities.

Even if Google changes its algorithm ten to twenty times, the Genesis Framework can still keep up with the changes and may be automatically updated to accommodate the new changes. Even Matt, the Wordpress founder, recommends using the Genesis framework and a compatible Genesis child theme to build your first Wordpress site.

Tip for first-timers: Don’t just visit the Genesis support forums when you have trouble with setting up your website. Visit regularly to learn from other Genesis framework users.

2. The Genesis Framework is beautiful!

Different sorts of themes may be used alongside the Genesis Framework. The Genesis Framework is not the theme itself, but the framework by which a Genesis child theme adapts with. With thousands, even millions, of Genesis child themes to choose from, you can customize the look of your website to match your niche with a click of a button.

Tip for first-timers: the Genesis Framework Tutorials is where you can find plenty of other resources that will help you customize your own website.

eShop, a Genesis Child theme, is perfect for your webstore.
eShop, a Genesis Child theme, is perfect for your webstore.

3. Genesis is social networking ready.

If the nature of your business requires you to stay connected with your clientele or website visitors, what you need is a theme, and more completely, a framework, that can connect your readers straight to your social networking accounts.

Tip for first-time users: Feature your social networking accounts on your website. Use medium-sized networking icons, or icons that are visible at first glance.

4. All it costs to own the Genesis Framework is $59.95-- a one-time fee that goes a long way.

The very reason why I’ve been a big Genesis Framework user is because of the cost-- or as I like to put it-- initial investment. It costs much more to download, tweak, and maintain a premium Wordpress theme than it is to use the Genesis Framework, a very powerful system programmed and designed by Wordpress experts.

Tip for first-time users: Choose a Genesis child theme with back-end support. It helps to have two people backing you up as you set-up your website: the Genesis/Studiopress people and the designer of your theme.

What can you get at this price?

If you noticed (and I hope you did!), I don't have any affiliate links on this hub. I've been using the Genesis Framework for the past few years and have contributed to the forums with some creative child theme designs. The Genesis Framework became the backbone of my site and I highly recommend it to first time website owners.


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