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Why is the Macbook Pro Superior?

Updated on March 18, 2012

On Finally Settling the Issue of Why the Macbook Pro is Superior

I never really wanted to write about this topic because I know I will not be able to ever stop typing. Plus, it's going to be a lot of work being that there is a long list of features and factors that make the Macbook Pro superior. I don't even know where to begin. Hopefully I don't miss out on any important details but I've already made an outline that will guide me throughout this article.

I don't really think that it could be considered as a bias of some sort because the reasons I will be enumerating throughout this post are not only based on experience but also backed by facts.

The article will be limited to notebooks, I guess, and will consider factors that make a laptop/notebook superior like portability, battery life, etc. I'm sure hardcore gamers and Windows users are already throwing a fit at my blog title but it's really a subjective and personal matter and the whole point, really, is to narrate how this laptop has made my life easier and better in different ways. Not only is the Macbook Pro a superior laptop, it's something that makes life better and I'm sure that's a defining factor in judging and kind of technology.

That being said, the main purpose of this article is because, throughout my experience of having a Macbook Pro, I've been compeled, out of compassion, to share this wonderful piece of technology to the world and make sure that people make the right choice when buying a new laptop and that right choice is, of course, to go for the Macbook Pro.

Macbook Pro Battery Life
Macbook Pro Battery Life

Battery Life

This is the most obvious. Laptops in the same price range don't come close to the battery life of the Macbook Pro. Plus, if you do want to get the same kind of battery life on a Windows laptop, you're going to have to buy an extra supe heavier battery separately as compared to the Macbook Pro which is so light weight.

This is something I don't understand especially for those that are the same price range. This is why I mentioned price range above. I don't know how Apple can have such an exclusive access to this kind of battery life without making the laptop so heavy. It reminds me of how the iPhone's touch screen will always be the smoothest of all. There's just some technology that competitors, again even in the same price range, who are not willing to compete with this kind of simple thing.

I get up to 5 hours on this Macbook Pro and when used conservatively I can get up to 7 hours. Imagine that. And that's the whole point of having a laptop, right? Portability. Not having to charge all the time. The battery life of the Mac is just so superior and this has been true even in their old models. I really don't understand why the competitors aren't dealing with this issue.

Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro


Design is something that Apple has always prioritized in all their products. They really understand the concept of how design can affect one's brand identity. Even when competitors like Sony VAIO series or DELL are trying to make their laptops more hip and stylish there's just no beating Apple's sophisticated, elegant, yet at the same time very stylish and modern designs.

I'm honestly so in love with the aluminum body. I once tweeted that on cold weather, the Macbook Pro's aluminum body gets really cold as well and rubbing it is so therapeutic. Plus, the aluminum body doesn't get the almost unavoidable small little scratches that appear on other laptop bodies.

Macbook Pro AC Adapter
Macbook Pro AC Adapter

Safety Precautions

My old Windows laptop's battery is broken supposedly because of overcharging. The hard disk broke as well because, as the HP technicians speculated, of overheating. The AC adapter got broken as well, for reasons that no one can figure out.

Design and precautionary measures in the Macbook Pro will make sure you can avoid all of these things. The overheating, for instance, is something I've always thought to be a design flaw in laptops. Why put the exhaust fan thing under the laptop? It makes no sense? Did designers expect people's laptops to float on desks and tables while you are using them? Usually, you'd have to buy that fan thing and put your laptop on top of it. You don't have to do that with the Macbook Pro. Its heat is blown out through an exhaust on its back and through the keyboards while you are using it. It makes so much sense.

Overcharge? Nope. Not ever. The charger automatically shuts off when your battery is already full. I think it even stops consuming electricity completely because even if you leave the charger plugged but it is not connected to your laptop, it doesn't heat up so it could be a sign that it's not getting electricity (unlike AC adapter chargers of Windows laptops).

Accidentally trip on the wire of your charger? Happens all the time, huh? Well, the magnetically connected charger of the Macbook Pro will make sure that your laptop will not fall or be dragged if this happens. I've tested it a lot of times and it's true!

Viruses or spyware? Almost unheard of and very very rare. Yup, you can go to your favorite websites any time you want ;)

Macbook Touchpad Swipe Shortcuts
Macbook Touchpad Swipe Shortcuts

Ease of Use

The finger swipe shortcuts are just so awesome. You have no idea how it can make your life easier until you've tried it. Plus, the touchpad is so smooth, something that I discovered when I ended up using my old laptop like last week and compared it. Swiping up and down can make you select through different applications that you are currently running or go straight to your desktop.

The screenshot shortcuts are also so very helpful especially for a blogger like me. No need to open up photoshop to resize or crop parts I need. I can specifically screenshot certain parts of my screen and have it directly ready on my clipboard or on the desktop as a photo file.

This "ease of use" part is really so hard to explain. It's something that you have to experience for yourself. It's something you can't really know until you have a Mac of your own. And one thing is for sure, my life has just been so much easier because of the Macbook Pro. Everything from simple browsing to using hardcore softwares is so much easier on this laptop.

This is why designers, photographers, videographers, musicians etc. will always prefer having a Macbook Pro. When applying for several jobs before for my internship, one question employers would ask would be if you are a Mac user. Shows how different industries have really settled with using Mac because of the undeniable benefits.

Mac OSX vs Windows
Mac OSX vs Windows

Operating System

There's a funny video below about pop-up errors in Windows. "Runtime error", "Missing DLL", just to name a few of the cryptic errors that show up randomly on Windows.

It's something that makes the use less friendly especially for those who are not so adept at using computers. I remember when my dad would use the old laptop and errors would show up he would ask me what it is and I wouldn't be able to answer because honestly Windows errors are so confusing and crazy.

I'm sure gamers will be arguing that there are more games in Windows than Mac. Well, all you have to do is set up bootcamp and you can install Windows on your Macbook Pro. Yup, problem solved. If you really love Windows so much and you really need to play minesweeper then go ahead and install it. Yes, it's that easy. So that completely takes out all issues regarding Windows and Mac comparisons.

Bundled Software

MS Paint? Calculator? Clock? That's all you get in Windows. The first video has a funny take on this issue. The Macbook Pro comes with so many useful bundled softwares for video and photo editing and organizing and many other stuff that even simple people can use. You can easily make a homemade film if you wanted without any real knowledge. Or maybe you want to be a singer or musician and easily make songs with Garage Band. It's just so different from what you get in Windows. And this is one more thing that makes a Mac so much better.

Fine, there's Movie Maker (it totally changed in Windows 7 and got really bad), but compare it to iMovie and see which has better features and more power. This goes the same for almost any bundled software that comes with Windows once compared to the Mac's.

Apple iLife
Apple iLife
Upside Down Macbook Pro
Upside Down Macbook Pro


When I made a review for the HP HDX 18t (the laptop I used before transferring to the Macbook Pro), I did mention that the Macbook Pro is lacking an HD screen, HDMI output, and a Bluray disc player and burner. But come on! haha! Those are luxury stuff that are just part of my petty desires in life.

And most likely, with Apple's love for sequels, those features will be on the next installment of the Macbook Pro (I don't know about the Bluray though since that's from Sony). That's one weakness you can point out is that when you buy their products they are sure to release a slightly better version in such a short time. But for those who don't consider a Bluray disc player or HD screen a necessity then you're set.

Steve Jobs

Then of course, it's this guy. Steve Jobs. It's the main reason why you buy this product. It's because of all this contributions to humanity. If you're not so aware of those, you can watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley to have a brief idea. Plus, it doesn't matter if he's already resigned. For as long as competitors won't respond to any of the things I mentioned above Mac's products, most especially the Macbook Pro, will remain to be very superior.

People usually say that education is the best gift that parents can give to their children. I do believe that a Macbook Pro is one of the best gifts as well. If parents are willing to spend hundreds of thousands on curriculums that contain so much irrelevant and unnecessary stuff that their children won't use in life, why not invest on something so powerful and will also make your kids' lives better and so much easier? Plus, this laptop can compliment real education and real learning compared to overpriced curriculums provided by contemporary schooling.

That being said, you probably know now what kind of regard I have for this amazingly beautiful piece of technology that is in front of me right now. The Macbook Pro is superior.


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