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HP HDX 18t Review and Comparison to my Macbook Pro

Updated on November 28, 2011
HP HDX 18t and Macbook Pro 13 inch i5
HP HDX 18t and Macbook Pro 13 inch i5

Before finally becoming a Mac user, I was using an HP HDX 18t. For this review, instead of talking about the specs and other technical matters, I will be talking about experiences and practical uses of the laptop and also some problems I've encountered.

The HDX 18t is powerful laptop (or some would say desktop replacement because of its size) that boasts a whopping 18.5 inches High Definition screen. This is one thing that is lacking in the Macbook Pro although it has an LED screen which makes it brighter. All in all though, from my experience of watching movies and TV shows, the HD factor really makes a big difference and you can really compare what it means to have more pixels per line in the HD screen of the HP laptop compared to the LED of the Macbook Pro. In fact, by virtue of Steve Jobs' love for sequels, my prediction is that future Macbook Pro models will have a full HD LED screen.

I guess that's one thing I dislike about the Macbook Pro is that I feel it lacks in the visual experience because it isn't high def especially when you download high resolution movies or TV shows (which I love to do). Maybe it's also because I'm so conscious of it being that I transfered from using the HP HDX 18t and got used to the HD Screen.

You'll really be surprised at how big the HDX 18t is. I don't think photos can ever do it justice. You really have to see it for yourself. It's really so huge. It has a full keyboard complete with the number pad, for one thing.

Picture of HP HDX 18t and Macbook Pro
Picture of HP HDX 18t and Macbook Pro

HP HDX 18t vs Macbook Pro

With that being said, I feel that the HD screen is the only advantage of getting the HP one. I'm sure you've seen all the "get a mac" commercials on YouTube where a trendier Mac guy (played by Justin Long) pawns the bureaucratic looking PC guy. The video on the right is one of the many examples of annoying things that Windows will do to you and something that I experienced just now when I turned on the HP HDX 18t and got bombarded by random messages and errors that you won't be able to understand and pop-up from nowhere. It's so interesting that you'll almost never get to experience that with a Mac.

Of course I'm comparing the operating system. It's true that I have a way smaller screen with my Macbook Pro, but that's something that's perfect for me because it becomes very portable and since I work with a lot of things that involve using the laptop (music and video production for instance), I can just bring it with me compared to the 18.5 inches that's really such a hassle to bring around. Back then I couldn't really collaborate much with people because of the stress of bringing the huge laptop. So I guess a big factor is how you will be using the laptop as well. But then the Macbook Pro also comes with a 17 inch version (again LED but not HD).

It's going to be hard to praise any laptop when I'm already so biased to using Mac. The ease of use and all its features that made my life better and easier is just so many that I think I should save it for another article, one that focuses primarily on the superiority of the Mac. Plus, if you really need to use Windows, Macbook Pro users can just hit up bootcamp and install windows in a partition. So you really can't wrong with that, right?

the AC adapter and the previous harddrive that was inside my HP HDX 18t, two major problems I've had with the laptop.
the AC adapter and the previous harddrive that was inside my HP HDX 18t, two major problems I've had with the laptop.

Problems with the HP HDX 18t

One problem is when the AC adapter randomly gave up on me just one month after the warranty expired and HP says it's tough luck. Another is the hard drive, the one you can see on the photo above. It just crashed and got corrupted or something like that. It's just paper weight now. Supposedly it's overheat that caused it. Something that never would have happened with the Macbook's superior design of exhaust: at the back and through the keyboards instead of under. I really don't understand the major flaw of putting the exhaust under the laptop. It makes no sense. Did suppliers assume that laptops will be floating?

The costs of having the HP HDX 18t repaired was just so uncalled for and made me very turned off with HP and their services. You don't really get that kind of problems with the Macbook Pro as long as you take care of it or don't drop it or whatever.

HP video for HP HDX 18t

HP HDX 18t Review

Don't get me wrong, the HP HDX 18t is a very powerful laptop. Editing HD videos also becomes a plus because you can preview in an actual HD screen or even attach it to a HDTV through the HDMI port (although editing HD takes up a lot of your computer's resources). It also has phenomenal speakers with a hidden subwoofer and you'll be shocked with the sound that's coming from this laptop. Plus, it has a Bluray disc player.

The bottom line is just that the Macbook Pro is far superior especially for my needs. I don't think I ever want to change my laptop ever. The HD screen is the only thing I find lacking and that's it. It's gonna be really easy to upgrade my ram and hard disk space. My advise to every one: get a Mac. It's something you won't ever regret. Also, wait for the Macbook Pro review I'll be writing real soon.


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