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Will There be an New iPhone Announcement in September?

Updated on August 31, 2017

A Decade of iPhone

Ten years ago the first iPhone hit the market and crowds lined up in droves to purchase this new, sleek smartphone. Steve Jobs had a way of selling a product without actually sounding like a salesman. Jobs way of presenting new Apple products on stage was a first in the tech industry. His calm presence and sleek products brought something completely different to the tech world. The beauty of Apple products is that they appeal to a broad audience. Even though many people of a certain generation associate Apple with the iPhone, their products were a hit from their very first consumer computer. Many still remember Apple's Super Bowl ad in 1984. That particular ad garnered millions of dollars worth of free publicity, and evening newscasts even rebroadcast it. Women, men, teens all adore Apple, the products, and even its branding. Apple is the unicorn when it comes to its products, retail stores, and overall appeal to everyone around the globe. Is an iPhone 8 right around the corner?

Apple's 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone
Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Today

Retail is in a sad and somewhat desperate state. As you may know, shopping malls and brick-and-mortar retail outlets are not attracting foot traffic as they once did in the past. Many people are quick to blame the Internet for lack of shoppers at brick-and-mortar establishments and to a point this may be true. However, this sentiment alone is too much to place the blame simply on the digital age. I recently visited an Apple store located in an outdoor shopping mall and it was completely packed. No other stores in the shopping mall had as many customers. In fact, many were empty aside from sales associates. Apple stores have an incredibly paired down aesthetic. Ironically, as amazing as their products are designed, Apple stores aren’t exactly overtly plush or high-end. It’s not to say they have zero appeal, but they are very minimalist; some may say this is a reflection of their products. Apple also displays their products in a repetitive manner. This makes it seem as though they have more products. It’s very telling that the Apple store is often the busiest store in a shopping mall. Even Nordstrom had very little foot traffic. The evolution of retail is in an interesting state. It’s a time where high end retail stores and shopping malls no long attract the amount of shoppers as they did in the past. That’s not to say that online shopping is booming in all categories and niches. Retail across the board, whether it’s brick-and-mortar or online, is experiencing a giant slump.

Retail Unicorn

How is Apple able to rise above the current uneasy retail environment? For one, Apple has a laser focus when it comes to designing and producing must-have products. Apple desktop computers and laptops are the industry standard in the design and media world. There is something about an Apple computer that simply feels different than a PC. Working on large files in Photoshop is a completely different experience on a sleek Apple desktop. And their dominance in the smartphone category is glaringly obvious. So this brings us to the big question: Will Apple release a new iPhone 8 this September? Being that it’s the ten year anniversary, it’s safe to say that something new in their iPhone updates is in the cards. Many Apple fans are hoping for a newly designed iPhone 8. And obviously, being iPhones ten year anniversary, this is the perfect time to roll out a new phone. There are iPhone users we have spoken to that skipped iPhone 7 so I’m sure they are ready for a new design. With a new phone also brings all of the cute accessories such as designer iPhone cases. Even if another reiteration of the 7 is released, there will also hopefully be a brand new 8. People are tiring of small new releases of the same phone with the 's' versions. The 's' versions were interesting for a while, but consumers have moved on. Consumers and Apple users truly want an iPhone 8. We will just have to wait a few more days, but hopefully there will be a pleasant surprise at Apple’s September event.


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