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Will facebook ever replace email?

Updated on June 27, 2012

I've been reading lots of articles recently, about how facebook is unstoppable, and soon will replace email. Soon, we won't need to use email and we will be browsing the internet via only facebook links, and google or other search engines will become redundant.

This is total nonsense. The reason I say this is because I have been banned from facebook, so does this mean I can't ever browse the intenet? I can't ever contact my friends again?

Of course not. I can easily still email them. The thing about email is that nobody controls it. Nobody decides if your email "meets their policy guidelines" and its these policy guidelines that people will always come up against. Its the rules and regulations that companies dictate us that we must follow, or be banned from the site.

Google is just the same, but they obviously understand this a bit better, and try to make everything transparent as possible, and try to stay independent.

All the things that make the Internet, and have been here since the start will remain forever. Fundamentally it is Internet pages, email, and newsgroups. Everything that pops up grabbing our attention, are just some sort of twist on one of those themes.

Everybody keeps talking about facebook as the future, but i see it now as a fad that some people use, and some people don't.

From all the places I've ever been banned from on the Internet, Facebook has felt like its the least one to be bothered about. If you really want to get in contact with people you know, you can easily do that with a variety of methods.

However to put all your eggs in one basket, and think that somehow you have rights is a really foolish idea, and luckily for me, one i never subscribed too. There are lots of websites getting petitions to make facebook reinstate them, but they are missing the point. Go elsewhere. Make your own website if you want. If you are not in control, then quite simply, you have no rights. But hey, big deal. 

So for anyone who has become dependent on facebook, I would advise you to make sure you grab peoples email address that you actually care about staying in contact with.
I was banned for a relatively minor reason, and they have refused to even consider unbanning me, and it was also without warning. 

I've used the Internet before facebook, and will keep on using it after, i'm obviously not the only one who has been banned from this particular website, and on that statement, that is eaxctly how facebook should just be considered. Only a website.


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