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Win 7 Build 7600-7601 This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine

Updated on January 15, 2012

You might have one of these editions of Windows 7 Ultimate. Maybe you bought it for like $50 or maybe you have it because Microsoft gave it to you free before to test it prior to its public release, like they do with most of their software OS being developed. Or, worse, maybe you are one that paid $200 for it at a store and it was fine for a long time and then suddenly it declared that the once valid Win 7 OS is now not genuine!

Sooner or later, after the trial period is over, usually 30 days, you will have a little time to buy a new product key. If you do not, the OS will continue to work fine but you will no longer have the desktop background screen, it will be just black with your icons. In the lower right hand corner, it will have in small print that, "this copy of Windows is not genuine", whether true or not, the only other degradation of the OS is Windows Update, it either will work some times or not.

Some have said the fix is to download a small program called Win7loader by Daz, it is suppose to remove the KB 971033 update that caused the problem. Of course, you could simply search for it on the computer and find it then delete it. Or do both, as I did, and find nothing at all changed. Hmmm.

Searching online has plenty of Utube videos and links to various approaches to the problem which Microsoft knows of but provides little help. Even those on the MS tech forums indicate it is a problem with Ultimate with Service Pack 1 and it really pisses off consumes who buy it in a store, install it, everything is fine for a long time and then suddenly something happens (corrupt files) that turn the legit copy into a pirate. So, you buy another product ID for $200, and it fails to correct it!

The moral of the story is, many fixes online may work with some or none of the computers. There are many angry Ultimate users out there, unless you really need that desktop background photo, just leave it, the OS will continue to work fine with no real issues except those mentioned.


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