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Windows 10 Top 7 Features

Updated on October 2, 2014

On Tuesday September 9, Microsoft announced their latest desktop and mobile operating system called Windows 10. Designed to replace Windows 8, this new operating system comes with amazing new features and also brings back features from previous Windows operating systems. In this hub, I will be discussing the top 7 new features that you will see in Windows 10.

1. Start Menu

This is one of the features returning to Windows that was dearly missed in Windows 8. Located in the bottom left corner like in previous operating systems, the start menu easily allows access to all of your apps as well as your most used / favourites. It also has a section of live tiles similar to those in Windows 8, however much less prevalent.

2. Multiple Desktops

A feature very similar to Mission Control in Mac OSX, Windows 10 allows you to have multiple desktops open. This makes for easy multitasking and can also be used to separate work apps from leisure apps.

3. Universal Search

One of the main issues I had the last time I used a Windows 8 computer was the lack of universal search. Windows 10 now brings back that feature which is conveniently located in the newly resurrected Start Menu.

4. Four-way Split Screen

This is very much like the snap feature in Windows 7/8 that allows you to split your desktop between two apps. Windows 10 has now gone a step further and allows you to split four apps on your desktop. This will can turn out to be extremely useful on high resolution displays like Samsung's new 4k LED monitor.

5. Task View

Another Windows 10 feature that has the everyday multitasker in mind, the task view feature allows you to view all of your open apps on one screen. Similar to the alt-tab shortcut on previous Windows operating systems, this gives you an easy way to manage and close all of your open apps.

6. Command Prompt

A feature that most users will over look, Windows 10's new command prompt allows you to to paste code into the command prompt. This will be exciting news for some of the geekier users as well as those casual users who may need to use the command prompt to edit settings.

7. Universal

Microsoft designed Windows 10 to be universal and work on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones and the best part is that they will all use the same app store making it easier than ever to synchronise all of your Windows devices.

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Windows 10 is not expected to be released until mid-2015, however if you'd like like to try it out for yourself, you can download a beta version from


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