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Windows 8 - Rumours & Possible Release Dates

Updated on January 14, 2012

Microsoft Windows Next Operating System

What has Microsoft up their sleeves for their next operating system and when will it be launched? Of course, this is a closely guarded secret still firmly under wraps in Microsoft’s headquarters in Richmond. However, we can take an educated guess, and sprinkle in a bit of speculation here and there just for good measure.

Unlike Apple’s next operating system which is going to be called ‘Lion’, and is scheduled to be released this summer, we don’t even have a name for the Microsoft’s next baby, so lets call it ‘Windows 8’. Although, it might have a name instead of a number.

Looking Back Through the Windows :

Looking at Windows latest offering first, Windows 7 was launched in October 2009, and is considered to be fairly successful, and is a vast improvement on Vista. Although, Windows 7 still has not tempted as many people away from Windows XP as expected. Windows XP still is the most popular operating system, with about 49% of the market, while Windows 7 has 27% of market at the time of writing. The next Windows needs to be something special to tempt people away from the comfort of their Windows XP.

Launch Date 2012 ?

Of course, work has already started on Windows ‘8’, and probably before Windows 7 was released. The big question is when will Microsoft’s next operating system get released? The Mayan calendar is predicting all sorts of things for late 2012, and rumours have it that Windows ‘8’ arriving in 2012 too. However, roughly working out the the gap between previously Window releases 2012 is about right, but your guess is as good as mine at the moment.

‘Windows App Store’ ?

Apple has raised the bar in the last five years or so, but will Microsoft follow some of their leads? Will we see a ‘Windows App Store’ for an example? Easy access and downloading of Microsoft products and apps would be a most welcome and obvious choice for the next version of Windows.

Faster Start-Up & Shut Down?

One of the biggest gripes with Windows users is the start up and shut down times, which compared with the likes of Apple or Linux is still painfully slow. While other operating systems start up like a F1 car, Windows is left in the garage. Switching users is as equally painful. To compete with the other operating systems, Windows ‘8’ needs to have a turbo charged start-up. Equally, it has to go some to match the under 4 seconds shut down of the Apple’s OS X Snow Leopard.

128-bit compatibility?

Windows 7 was Microsoft’s last 32-bit operating system. Does this mean Windows ‘8’ will come in both 64-bit and 128-bit versions? A move up to 128-bit support would be a bold move for Microsoft and rumours seem to confirm that 128-bit is on the cards

Facial Recognition for Log In?

We all have forget our login details, passwords etc from time to time, especially at work after a couple of weeks in the sun relaxing on holiday, and end up calling the IT department to reset your password. So, why not get rid of the annoying passwords, which are becoming more and more complex and harder to remember, and replace it with facial recognition.

Most laptops and PCs feature webcams, so facial recognition seems a logic step forward for Windows ‘8’. While it sounds a great idea in principle, you can almost hear the frustration as you try to login very early in the morning with no make-up on and your best bed hair! Will it allow you to log in or will your PC just scream in pain?

Internet Explorer 9 and gaming are set to be key components for the new Windows OS according to rumours, and there is speculation that Windows ‘8’ will be more touchscreen than ever before, but how far will Microsoft will move away from the now traditional mouse and keyboard remains to be seen. People are getting into the idea of touch screens with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad.

However, most of the things mentioned here are just educated guess work, and obviously things can change over time depending on several factors, including what the various competition, such as Apple, is up to.

What ever the next Microsoft Windows will be, it is set to be a bold step forward.

© David Lloyd-Jones 2010


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    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 5 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      What has Microsoft up their sleeves for their next operating system and when will it be launched? Windows 8

    • profile image

      jamesb0nd 7 years ago

      Really a gud and inside stuff.

    • charis007 profile image

      charis007 7 years ago

      I still use XP and wonder if all the bells and whistles of the updated software are worth it.

      Great insight though.

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    • jessemcduffee profile image

      jessemcduffee 7 years ago

      I felt that Windows Vista went down miserably and that Windows 7 couldn't even stand a chance against XP. I am glad to hear about Apple's Lion system though : )

    • lawrencebeach2010 profile image

      Gizmo Prodigy Publishing 7 years ago from Shreveport, LA

      Wow I am a computer tech and I tell ya hearing the new features which are possible are pretty good. Windows 7 really isn't good for office and privacy but seems like wine windows 8 is right up that alley. Great Hub.

    • profile image

      Indian  7 years ago


    • UrbnGeek profile image

      UrbnGeek 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hey, nice hub. BTW, Windows in 128 bit??? woo! Life is really movin' fast!

    • profile image

      Chanel the Writer 7 years ago

      Wow, Windows 8 already. I can't keep up with them! Great hub by the way.