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Windows 8 with HTML5 Apps

Updated on March 6, 2012

Windows 8 new graphical interface is designed to take advantage of the ever emerging technology of java and HTML 5. This new software scripting will be completely integrated into the functionality of the desktop on windows 8. It is designed to bring a whole new user experience in functionality and productivity to windows 8.

According to Microsoft the tiled interface first seen on windows 7 mobile phone is going to replace the need for the “start button.” Microsoft is going this way because of more demand for easy access to applications on the corporate and user level. For example, with this new interface, it will have more seamless integration with other devices on a corporate network like phones, and tablets.

Mac OS X vs. iOS

With the availability of other OS options, there are similarities in the way the company is focused on the Mac OS X and its mobile iOS software are similar. They both share the same core operating system for functionality and cross platform development. The only real difference is the Mac OSX contains mouse based control integration into the software. The iOS software is used in the popular products today like the IPhone and IPad. Microsoft has compensated with the release of its new .net, Protocols that integrate well with its new Silverlight application. Building this consistent development aptitude will make cross functionality as easy as it is in the Mac OS X

More About Windows 8 Apps......

The new standard of web technology the HTML5 code that is now being used will integrate seamlessly into the windows 8 environment. It is the next generation web connect app that will allow you to do everything that you want at the touch of a button. All still able to work seamlessly with a mouse and keyboard though. But, to get the most out of windows 8 consider putting it on a tablet or phone.

The HTML5 layering the new windows 8 operating system is similar to Mac OS X. It provides easy and fast access to all your favorite applications. It provides high quality 3D rendering technology and is giving the Applel IPads Os a run for its money. It can be installed on any mobile gadget at the touch of a button and is going to create a whole new way to look at your windows desktop and accessories.


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