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Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error-explorer.exe

Updated on August 3, 2011
Windows Explorer Crash Error
Windows Explorer Crash Error

Error After Right Clicking

Windows explorer has stopped working or not responding error and the options given in the popup box are restart windows explorer or find solution online, neither of which solve the problem.

Does this sound like the problem you are encountering? Then the solution is to fix this is can be done in 7 easy steps.

This error can occur using Windows Vista or XP when you right click on a program in the start up menu or can also cause the problem error when right clicking on an icon on the desktop.

Whatever the case may be the error is annoying and can be very frustrating to try and find the solution to fix it.

When the user clicks on the drop down box, it will show the details of the error, something to the effect of the next paragraph will appear with codes and other information that just might not make sense.

An example looks like this:

Problem Event Name: BEX (or application)

Application Name:Explorer.EXE

Application Version:6.1.7600.16405

Application Timestamp:4a765754

Fault Module Name:ntdll.dll

Fault Module Version:6.1.7600.16385

Fault Module Timestamp:4a5be02b

Exception Code:c000041d

Exception Offset:000000000003202d

OS Version:6.1.7600.

Locale ID:2057

Additional Information 1:ad4f

Additional Information 2:ad4ff2910f4e212dab59bdc5b4a9838c

Additional Information 3:2abd

Additional Information 4:2abd8ac19cf237282e603bae0ac4594a

It may not be a corrupt file.

Below I will show you how to use the Event Viewer.

Many users claim this error to be a corrupt file in the shell folder containing the explorer.exe file, however this is not always the case. Generally this windows explorer error is due to another program, application or add-on that is installed on the computer pc desktop or laptop.

Next, I am going to go through the easy process that can help you determine the cause, with operating systems installed with Vista, without having to use the trial and error process of disabling and enabling items in the task manager or start up programs.

Event Viewer

1. Click the start button

2. Type in the search box "Event Viewer" and hit enter

3. On the left side navigation go to "Windows Logs" and expand it

4. Click on "Application"

5. In the box to the right scroll down until you find an error entry with "Application Error" in the source column, and highlight it to see what program or application cause the error.

6. In the box beneath on the "General" tab you will see lines of information. Look towards the bottom of the list and you will see "Faulting application path". This is basically what you were trying to do when the error happened. Beneath that entry will be "Faulting module path". This should tell you what program caused the error.

7. Uninstall the program referenced in the "Faulting module path", restarted the pc and the problem should be fixed.

If there is more than one program that caused the error you can either choose to uninstall both or do one at a time.

Event Viewer

Event Viewer
Event Viewer

Error Fixed

If you follow these steps this should fix the windows explorer.exe error on most Vista operating systems.

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