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Windows Vista Gadgets

Updated on March 12, 2008

Windows Vista Gadgets Downloads

Windows Vista Gadgets are handy little tools available for the Windows Vista operating system. Windows Vista comes with some Windows gadgets pre-installed. But there are thousands of other Vista Gadgets available for download.

Customize your desktop by picking and choosing from all of the interesting Vista gadgets. All it takes is a simple download to add the gadgets to your computer's desktop interface. The Windows Vista gadgets are easily viewed on your computer's sidebar.

The gadgets can be organized on the sidebar however you wish. Of course, the Vista gadgets don't have to sit on the Windows sidebar. You have the options of moving the Vista gadgets off of the sidebar and put them anywhere on your desktop. Or you can hide the sidebar completely and only access it when you want it.

There are so many different types of Windows Vista gadgets available. There are gadgets for play and for business. Vista gadgets can deliver all sorts of information straight to your desktop. Examples are maps, local weather, stock quotes, streaming radio stations, and news reports. Use Vista gadgets to improve productivity by downloading calendars, contact lists, calculators, and to-do lists. Or just have fun with Windows gadgets by adding games, media player enhancements, cartoons, and lots more.

If you have the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, it's worth a few minutes to browse through the available gadgets. If you don't find any gadgets you like, be sure to check again soon. More Windows Vista gadgets are added daily. Here are some of the more interesting and useful Vista gadgets that I liked.

Cool Windows Vista Gadgets

Speed Test gadget monitors your CPU and RAM usage. It shows the data in an easy to read graph. It will also test your internet speed, hard drive activity, WIFI signal strength, and many more items.

Count Down is exactly what its name implies- a countdown timer. This gadget allows you to countdown to a date and time. It has interchangeable fonts and colors. This is fun for counting down vacations, the end of school, baby due dates, birthdays, and whatever you like.

The Sports Scoreboard Windows gadget displays sports scores for all types of sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA football and basketball. This is a must have gadget for sports nuts or avid gamblers.

My Thesaurus is a Vista gadget that is invaluable for students, writers, and other professionals. This little Windows gadget on your Vista sidebar will greatly improve your writing ability.

The Interpret Your Dreams Vista gadget allows you to analyze your dreams daily straight from your desktop. It's really easy to use. Just enter the main components of your dream and wait for the results.

Windows Vista Gadgets Comments

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    • profile image

      Metal Detector Reviews 6 years ago

      I love gadgets.

      So much that I buy them even if I don't use them!!

    • profile image

      computer for us 7 years ago

      some time ago i used vista but i love XP :D

    • EWealthGuide profile image

      EWealthGuide 7 years ago from Vancouver

      These are good gadgets, but I disabled that side bar thing because it just takes up even more computer speed.

    • Blake Flannery profile image

      Blake Flannery 8 years ago from United States

      I like SidePlayer. Type in an artist and song title. Listen for free. I wrote a hub about it

    • profile image

      how to increase vertical 8 years ago

      Vista is excellent to work with and very interesting and rocks....

    • profile image

      ewanna 9 years ago

      It`s useful sometimes, especially weather, calendar, and notes....

    • jaymz profile image

      jaymz 9 years ago from USA

      I hate that stupid sidebar on Vista. It gets on the way. :-\