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Best Xbox 360 Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Updated on December 17, 2011

Got Phone Envy?

Sometimes logging in to your Xbox 360 or watching the latest commercials for the Window's Phone 7 may make you a bit jealous of Window's Phone 7's Xbox 360 integration. You may wish your Android could integrate better with your Xbox lifestyle.

Good News!

It can!

Granted, you cannot earn any gamerscore on your Android, but you CAN manage your profile, talk to your Xbox Live friends, see your messages, check out achievements won and yet to be unlocked, and you can browse the Xbox Marketplace and buy content all from your Android with a few simple apps.

You can also easily get involved in the forum scene to build community, find play groups and teams, and see what's crack'n in Xbox land.

I will add to this list over time, and please feel free to tell me which Xbox 360 apps work best for you!

Spark 360 Screenshots & QRCode

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Spark 360

Spark 360 may be the best of the best when it comes to Xbox profile management, game history, achievement browsing, widget options, and friend lists and messaging.

Spark 360's best feature, however, is that it supports multiple accounts. So if you are one of those hardcore gamers who has multiple Xboxes or bought the Family Gold plan to get multiple gamertags [yes, I know people who have done this], this app is for you.

Unfortunately, this app is not free, but it is well worth the $1.50 price tag.

The start screen will show your avatar and three green dashboard-like boxes with "Messages Unread", "Friends Online", and "Games Played". If you click on any of these boxes, it will take you to your inbox, friends list, or game history respectively.

In your message inbox, you can send and receive messages. When you set up the app, you have the option to set the app to check for messages at different time intervals and alert you to any new messages. 

In your friend's list, you can click on any friend and view their profile. From their profile screen, you can send them a message, compare games, compose messages, block communications, or remove from friends.

In your game history, you can select any game and see which achievements you have finished and which ones you have yet to unlock.

The main screen also has a menu option called "Tools" that includes a "Microsoft Point Utility" that will show multiple currencies and their conversions to Microsoft Points. Additionally, there is an "Xbox Live Status" tool that will reveal the running status of "Xbox Live", "Xbox Live Marketplace", "Account", and "Matchmaking".

xMarket Screenshots & QRCode

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xMarket is my newest Xbox 360 app discovery, and I have to say that I am really excited about this one.

xMarket provides easy access to the Xbox 360 Marketplace from your Android smartphone.

You can even buy content to download to your Xbox straight from the app. Do not miss the "Deal of the Week" again because of an unexpected outing on Sunday night (ha ha). You can order that awesome half priced add-on from wherever you are.

Other featured menues are "New Arrivals", "Best Selling All-Time", "Top Rated", and you can "Browse by Department".

If you do not want to log in to your Xbox Live account, you do not have to do so to browse the Xbox Marketplace. 

Other features include the ability to check your Microsoft Points balance and to redeem codes for content.

Overall, xMarket is worth much more than the zero dollars you will pay to download and install it. In other words, give this FREE app a try today.  

Xbox Live Statistics Screenshots & QRCode

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Xbox Live Statistics

Xbox Live Statistics is one of the best achievement, live profile, messaging, and game info Xbox 360 app on the Android Market.

Its less than a $1 to buy and is worth every cent.

The first screen you come to after logging in to your Xbox Live account is a mini Xbox Dashboard complete with your avatar, your two most recent games sporting cover art, the number of your friends online, personal gamerscore, and message inbox. Refresh is just one click in top right corner. It could not be more compact, colorful, and complete.

In the friend's menu, you can compare games with friends, check out profiles, add new friends, and maintain your friends by blocking or deleting friends no longer worthy of your list.

Another great feature is that you can look at your entire game play history for your account and see what achievements you have completed and likewise see all of the achievements yet to be completed. It is easy to get to know your games and your play goals whenever and wherever.

The Xbox Source Screenshots & QRCode

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The Xbox Source

The Xbox Source is an up and coming vBulletin powered forum for Xbox fanboys and fangirls. 

Membership numbers are in the early 100s (these are active members), which makes this forum a bit more intimate than some. Participation among members seems good on first inspection.

Topics available for discussion includes reviews, previews, hardware, general Xbox news, and a whole forum topic dedicated to Call of Duty: Black Ops. 

The Android app is simple and easy to use and navigate. It looks very clean and colorful. 

Give the new guy on the block a shot and check out The Xbox Source.

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    • volopower profile image

      volopower 6 years ago from Sirius Cybernetics

      Amazing. I've had an Android phone since the HTC Hero, likewise with the 360, and I didn't even know there were Xbox apps for it :) Thanks for the tips!