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Yahoo! Mail vs Gmail

Updated on May 30, 2010

Like many people, I have both a Gmail account and a Yahoo! Mail account. That's because there are things that I like about each of them enough to not want to get rid of either of them. Despite the fact that they are both email systems, they are strikingly different. If you're going to limit yourself to just one free e-mail account, you'll have to carefully consider your preferences to go with the right one.

Here are some of the differences between Gmail and Yahoo! Mail:

  • Attachments. Gmail lets you add attachments in the same screen as the one you're writing your email in. Yahoo moves you to a different screen and makes you add attachments one at a time. To add more than five attachments requires adding addition boxes in which to input information. Some people may find this annoying.
  • Chat feature. Although Yahoo! has an IM program, it's not the same Gmail's chat function which is built right into your email. Some people like this option because it makes it easy to send quick messages instead of longer emails when you're conversing with someone else who is already online. However, some people don't want to be seen online when they're answering email and so don't like this Gmail function. Of course, you can opt out of it.
  • Contact storage. Gmail and Yahoo! differ slightly in the way that they organize your contacts. Gmail automatically keeps addresses that you've emailed on your contact list unless you delete them. Yahoo is the opposite; you have to manually opt to add them to your address book. The basics are the same but the appearance is a little different so it's a matter of preference. It should be noted that Google is now letting you expand your personal profile so that the contacts you have may provide more information automatically through Google.
  • Conversation organization. Gmail keeps your conversation going for you - every time that you reply to someone's email, it automatically gets added to the same conversation thread so you can easily look things up within the conversation again. However, this can be annoying because to change your "subject" line, you have to re-compose a new email which is not true of Yahoo! Mail.
  • Folder organization. The main thing about Yahoo! Mail that I prefer is the way that it lets you set up folders and organize your information. Google lets you label your folders but they're all kept in basically the same places. (They're in your inbox or they can be archived.) In contrast, you can create many different folders on Yahoo! which makes more organizational sense for my work.
  • Professional credibility. Most people who use their email accounts for professional reasons don't use a free account at all. However, those that do almost always go with Gmail. It is considered to be the more professional of accounts and lends greater credibility to freelancers and home business owners who receive email from clients and investors. Gmail recently added a function that lets you set up an email account with your own domain name so that you can get some serious professionalism from it. Although Yahoo! Mail accounts are common, they aren't considered quite as professional by the average person working online today.
  • Spam folders. In my experience, Yahoo! Mail gets more spam. Additionally, I've had more problems with my Yahoo! inbox mail and spam mail getting tossed into the wrong folder than I've had with Gmail. But that could be just one user's experience and not indicative of the whole situation.

For the most part, I prefer Gmail to Yahoo! Mail. However, there are benefits to both of them. And either can be good as a free account. Just don't go with Hotmail.


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  • profile image

    bilal 2 years ago

    seean long

  • noenhulk profile image

    noenhulk 4 years ago

    I also both like these two email platform. I have account on yahoo and gmail and glad to find out they are user friendly. You can't be lost using them.

  • Ruby H Rose profile image

    Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

    I love and use both gmail and yahoo everyday! Thanks for a wonderful hub explaining the differences about them. Updates are good to know. I really appreciate all the work you did on this one. Gonna share it.

  • Hendrika profile image

    Hendrika 4 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

    I must say that I also have both, but I feel more comfortable in my gmail account. Probably because I use it the most!

  • profile image

    sugarangel 4 years ago

    I love yahoo.. its neat and organized. I dont get any spam. I have 5 accounts in yahoo one for work, one for school, one for family, one for shopping and one for personal use. I do have 1 gmail account. But I think yahoo is more user friendly. My older yahoo account is 15 years old. I love yahoo. Everytime I try to go back to gmail but I end up with yahoo. The interface in gmail looks awkward as if everything is in one place. I am not a big fan of the labels in gmail, however I love the folder organization in yahoo so much better. Yahoo is way faster in loading the online chat and contact list. I would always say thumps up for yahoo. I recently made an extra email account within yahoo itself for subscribing. Mostly for news purpose. You can actually make different alias in yahoo or disposable email address. Gmail is gross in this aspect. Yahoo has different apps for greetings, outerbox (which works the same like a mini organizer) the app called unsubscribe (if you get spam just put it in the unsubscribe folder). I can move and drag my emails. Yahoo is fun. Gmail looks old and out of tech in this part. I though love the star aspect in gmail but truly speaking I hate the interface. Yahoo has good security now, you can have your phone number registered for account change activity or allow one time login with security features.

    Thanks a ton yahoooo

  • Bronterae profile image

    Bronterae 4 years ago from Nor Cal

    Clear and concise, Thanks!

  • profile image

    suryadevara.murali 4 years ago

    Yahoo! only...i have two, but i like yahoo for it's design, i hate Gmail, because i find it boring. In tecnology they are the same.

  • profile image

    scooter 4 years ago

    Yahoo pushes flawless to my android seems to suck on my phone. Funny since google created android but I hate gmail on my phone.

    Gmail blows on wins hands down

  • profile image

    cashmier 4 years ago

    this is cool you can have a gmail and yahoo at the same time!!

  • profile image

    djcrazymonkey123 4 years ago

    yahoo rocks. period

    gmail rocks too.

    gmail- i got hacked

  • profile image

    chow 5 years ago

    yahoo :)

  • CorporateSoftware profile image

    CorporateSoftware 5 years ago from New York

    One thing about GMail labels instead of the usual folders is that you really have to get used to it. In the end labels are way more flexible (because you can have multiple labels attached to a message, but in a folder-based system a message can be in only one folder at a time). Anyway, good comparison!

  • profile image

    Paul abakada 5 years ago

    Thanks for the differences.Am using this to get my assignment done.

  • profile image

    Sweety 5 years ago

    Its a really nice article. I had been using Yahoo for 2 to 3 years. I really loved Yahoo. Then my friends suggested Gmail. So I created a Gmail account last year. First I wasn't so comfortable with Gmail. But now I love Gmail!

  • profile image

    bindu goyal 5 years ago

    Really it's a filtered comparison.I got which i was searching for.

    Thank you.

  • amberjennings profile image

    amberjennings 5 years ago

    I always suggest my clients or friends not to use Yahoo, and hotmail for business purposes or any serious emailing which may have some important information. Gmail is best almost in all aspects. It does seem more professional and safe.

  • profile image

    kriket 5 years ago

    One crucial advantage of Yahoo! Mail has not been mentioned at all. Yahoo! Mail supports Push-Mail, and you can receive new mail notifications in iPhone's native email client instantly, without installing dedicated mail apps, like you have for Gmail.

    I use Gmail as my primary email account, and my Yahoo! Mail account, which was created in the previous century, was used for a long time as an email for registering on various forums, services etc. Due to that, I have been receiving an enormous amount of spam on Yahoo Mail, which was expected as I was using it for purposes mentioned above. That being said, the amount of junk mail has drastically decreased over time in my Yahoo Mail account, in spite of it being used for registering on all kinds of forums, websites etc.

    But, if I had known that Gmail wouldn't natively support Push-Mail at all, I might have sticked with Yahoo as my primary mail acc, since I mainly read my emails and write replies on my iPhone, and Yahoo with it's Push support has a clear advantage there.

    So, both services have their advantages over the other, and I like them both, but Yahoo has the technological edge with it's native Push-Mail support in today's mobile world, where instant notifications are a must.

  • profile image

    brenda 5 years ago

    Suddenly can't open yahoo on droid. Had downloaded yahoo through amazon app market. Think this has anything to do with Google vs any competition? App market is now Google Play or something like that. Google is too intrusive upon our privacy, imo.

  • profile image

    Mohammad Amir 5 years ago

    Mohammad amir

  • profile image

    Zahid-cutehussain 5 years ago

    What a beautiful

  • profile image

    Paul 5 years ago

    Yahoo! only...i have two, but i like yahoo for it's design, i hate Gmail, because i find it boring. In tecnology they are the same.

  • profile image

    bhart k 5 years ago

    bhart kumar

  • Sean Leong profile image

    Sean Leong 5 years ago from Malaysia

    I have got lots of email spam over the years in my yahoo mail.

  • profile image

    abinash 5 years ago

    yahoo to better than gmail................

  • profile image

    mabel 5 years ago

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  • profile image

    Chayla 5 years ago

    After reading this i am going with yahoo! It is easy and keeps me updated with all the cool news! I used to have a gmail account but after using yahoo i would never go back. Yahoo! keeps me organized! Although way too many ads show up.

    Thanx hub

  • profile image

    Chayla 5 years ago

    After reading this i am going with yahoo! It is easy and keeps me updated with all the cool news! I used to have a gmail account but after using yahoo i would never go back. Yahoo! keeps me organized! Although way too many ads show up.

    Thanx hub

  • profile image

    Virgy 5 years ago

    This is great information and it is unbiased which is the best information. I too have Gmail and Yahoo mail. I much prefer yahoo because for one thing I can pay 20$ a year to get unlimited email storage. This way I can file many things and not have to constantly worry about cleanup and delete to make room for more. I also like Gmail but the features are less than yahoo as you say.

    My biggest problem right now and it IS a problem is the Yahoo program is constantly being upgraded at the source meaning my computer is affected by their changes and my Yahoo Mail is constantly going AWRY! I don't know how much longer I can keep with yahoo when I cannot send or receive emails on a regular basis without jumping through hoops each time I want to type out an email, send or sometimes receive. The program also changes with the contacts list not working many times. It is not just my computer but some of my friends have switched to gmail because their yahoo mail is doing the same as mine. Sorry for the length but I just don't know what the answer is except to switch over to gmail also.

  • profile image

    TYUKELL 5 years ago

    Yahoo is better

  • profile image

    Hector 5 years ago

    Gmail does not have sort by name or email which is a real pain if you can't remember the name of the sender and have to sort thru hundreds of emails.

  • profile image

    m afzal bozdar 5 years ago

    i lost pasword and user name on my gmail account so plz i need help email on this adress

  • KatyWhoWaited profile image

    KatyWhoWaited 5 years ago

    Great article. I came to it because I want an email provider that doesn't cross reference. I'm often surprised that something I "like" under one name on Facebook gets posted where I didn't intend it to go based on another address with the same provider. It's hard to explain, but when you have two email accounts with one provider, sometimes you're surprised at the cross referencing you find it doing. It seems to me that this is especially true of gmail.

  • profile image

    cristi 5 years ago

    I wanted to use gmail exclusively because of its free POP3 protocol. I prepared all my contacts and put everything in place. After all this former preparation I attached some ZIP files (with some exe files inside) - it didn't work. CONCLUSION: if you want to attach files YAHOO does a good job and GMAIL is shitty. If you want to use some extra features as POP3 and making XLS and doc files inside your email, then GMAIL is great. My opinion is that an email service has to be good at sending and receiving files, so I'll stick to YAHOO.

  • profile image

    MrYdobon 5 years ago

    4 years later and Yahoo Mail still hasn't built a spam filter worth a thing. Gmail is crushing them for good reason.

  • profile image

    kailash.chanahnalani 5 years ago

    i like women i am gagstars

  • profile image

    Kumarpal hodal(palwal) 5 years ago

    Happy new year 2012 all indian person

  • profile image

    Sarah 5 years ago

    Gmail all the way! u get wayyy less spam than yahoo mail, so annoying those pesky ads :-P

  • profile image

    yyeferson amayara yo 9 colombia 5 years ago

    ovio yahoo me gusta es mas avansadoy mas ludicopara sus usuarios gmail es muy dificil heeeeeeeeeee leido los usuarios de de yahoo por un por centaje de 63% dels los usuarios quivale a 16.000.000 usuariosen america latina en ee. uu mas lo utilizan como seria en elresto del mundo gmail 49% q equivaleun 9.300.000 de usuarios yahoo tiene pagina para noticia y correo y otras cosa hotmail 28.000.000 de usuarios.

  • profile image

    Josh 5 years ago

    Gmail is better in every way. Yahoo sucks in every way. Did you know Yahoo blocks most servers so you don't get emails? They go missing... hahaha

  • profile image

    my name 5 years ago

    google uses its servers to send spam to yahoo users. gmail also parse whatever you sent and received at their servers for targeting you with ads, report to FBI or police, or for collect those information selling to third party.

    I tried gmail and hated so much for it not allow me to organize my incoming emails the way I wanted. If there are thread of eamils, you delete one of them, gmail will delete whole thread from your mailbox. very stupid.

  • profile image

    anshu 5 years ago


  • profile image

    nrowray 5 years ago

    my gmail will not let me forward any email

  • profile image

    nrowray 5 years ago

    my gmail will not let me forward any email

  • profile image

    murugasan 5 years ago

    nothing to say

  • profile image

    anand gharu 5 years ago

    i have both account yahoo n gmail but

    i prefer gmail mostly.......... it is good.

    gmail Rocks................!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    ambarish 5 years ago

    total no sapot for mail

    & delevari to late tha Freezes up,

    SLow to deliver

    SLower to deliver to DROID


    No response.

  • profile image

    ambarish 5 years ago

    total no sapot for mail

    & delevari to late tha Freezes up,

    SLow to deliver

    SLower to deliver to DROID


    No response.

  • johnturnercs profile image

    johnturnercs 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Great hub, this information is really relevant and accurate about Gmail.

  • johnturnercs profile image

    johnturnercs 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Great hub, this information is really relevant and accurate about Gmail.

  • profile image

    Tipper 5 years ago

    On the Conversation Organization point - you CAN actually change the Subject without recomposing in Gmail - there is an Edit Subject line.

    For the Folder Organization section, labels are similar to folders, but in my view, labels are superior in that you can "file" an email into more than one "folder" or label with Gmail, which is not possible with Yahoo!. If you have a cross-cutting email that is not easily categorized, this can be useful for double compartmentalization.

  • profile image

    sirangeevi.s 5 years ago

    hi like gmail

  • profile image

    Sogmann 5 years ago

    Pls kindly reply to my number 08167089291

  • profile image

    Sogmann 5 years ago

    Is it possible to receive email sent to my account on yahoo, is it possible to receive it on my phone inbox

  • profile image

    x Mario 5 years ago

    Yahoo is awesome, and I dont get any spam mails at all, gmail is good too I use it as well but not as much

  • profile image

    gmail 5 years ago

    gmail allows us to use many starts very god search to find your mail quickly use the strts lots lots of storage for free it gives acces to other docs pisca they also give very good free storage gmail allows many services we should have a google account.

  • profile image

    Panzerkumar 5 years ago

    As you the writer say i have both Yahoo mail and Gmail.. But i prefer yahoo as i feel it to be more advancede and provides more than just mail and chat.. But when it comes to Search Engines it no contest to Google..

  • profile image

    Rony 5 years ago

    Yahoo Mail is the best email service in the entire world.'s U......

  • profile image

    DON BUSH 5 years ago

    My "New" Yahoo BETA sucks so bad:

    Freezes up,

    SLow to deliver

    SLower to deliver to DROID


    No response.

    I get the feeling they do not give a hoot.

    The $20+mm Dilitante Pres is too busy politicing for her lousy job.

  • profile image

    Vikas kumar 5 years ago

    Yahoo mail india is best.

    Gmail is popular only due to popularity of google.

    For India yahoo provides

    free pop and disposable address.

    Also many usefull tools

    like duplicate contact finder

    facebook contact importer,

    you can easily manange contacts.

    The new yahoo interference is awesome, multitasking .

    You can also send free sms.

  • profile image

    Facebook Applications 5 years ago

    Thank you for this helpful stuff I got at your site. The stuff here is really good and keep up sharing

  • profile image

    arnel_24 5 years ago

    I suggest you to use GMAIL,, I'm a former user of yahoo, but most of the time my yahoo account can't send email.

  • zi.ripon profile image

    zi.ripon 5 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

    I have two E-mail account gmail & yahoo mail but Gmail is the best service in world.

  • marlonrey profile image

    marlonrey 5 years ago from Iligan City

    this is the site visit and lern more

  • marlonrey profile image

    marlonrey 5 years ago from Iligan City

    Wow!...I used two accounts too. Gmail and yahoomail. I prefer to use gmail sometimes because yahoomail is not supported at times with other sites especially those with google relations. great but there is also way to hack Gmail passwords to be able to track down on your daughter's emails for example.

  • profile image

    Mahendra 5 years ago

    I love Yahoo most because of its look.

  • Web World Watcher profile image

    Web World Watcher 5 years ago

    I thoroughly prefer Gmail. If not for any other reason other than I feel it's harder for people to get ahold of your mailing list for spam

  • codeiris profile image

    codeiris 5 years ago from Milky Way

    Gmail all the way. First reason is that it's quick. Interface promotes productivity :)

  • profile image

    funstars 5 years ago from India

    But a new yahoo email is a sin for low speed internet users

  • profile image

    Nicol 5 years ago

    Well... I really love the graphic of yahoo! The emoticons are so expreessive.

    And don`t forget that yahoo filter the attachmants by Norton!

  • profile image

    kiash 5 years ago

    Gmail Best! I love Gmail as well as Google

  • greencap profile image

    greencap 6 years ago from Pakistan

    Gmail is good in almost all respects. But somehow, i was unable to send large attachments through it and had to use yahoo for that purpose. (Gmail showed the attachments sent, but my recipients never received those). It happened a couple of times with file sizes of around 4-5MB per file

  • celeBritys4africA profile image

    celeBritys4africA 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

    I prefer Gmail. But I have an account on Yahoo too.......

  • myi4u profile image

    myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    Nice hub!

    I like Gmail simply because it can easily integrate with my Android phone. I can sync my phone contacts, sms, calendar and tasks without having to worry data loss when I format my phone. Also, Gmail automatically shows new emails when they arrive.

    On the other hand, I use Yahoo! as my main email because I am used to it already. The new Yahoo! Mail Beta looks like a program itself but it's kind of slow. I have tried to use its tasks, calendar and such but didn't really like it in the end.

  • profile image

    UnKnown 6 years ago

    I started with a yahoo account but then some of my friends reccomended Gmail so I got an account but then after a while I stopped using Gmail because of not providing unlimited storage and it was pretty slow. I got an Email that was sent a day before and just got it. I prefer Yahoo because I has games and you can link your FB account in it and Yahoo has unlimited storage and much more security features then Gmail. You can block Email addresses that you do not want emails from, set up filters, and I don't really think that you should upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus. The way I see it Yahoo Mail Plus is good for you if you are an inactive Yahoo user and still want to use your Yahoo account. The ads I don't really pay attention to but really all they have is from Staples BestBuy and other Ads that are very reliable. I opened Gmail 1 month after I got my Yahoo. I logged into my Gmail account and I had over 3 spam emails just a day after I opened my Gmail account if you count all the spams I have had even counting the deleted ones I probably had over a 100 spam emails in just 6 months! Yahoo I have been using for 7 months and I only have had 14 spam emails and some of them were from my friends that I had not added to my contacts, so if you disinclude those I've had 6 spam emails in 7 months. I go Yahoo 2 times a day and I have used a anti-spamming feature that will let you set a filter just for spam. I have set mine to "Delete Spam once a week" this feature is simmilar to Hotmail but only you can set the spamming filter instead of just deleting all spam (But there is an option that you can delete all spam as soon as you get them)There is alot of saftey features like block chat IDs and you can text PC-cell phone free. The only thing I do not like about Yahoo and Gmail has it that you can Call PC- to Phone free. You can not do that in Yahoo.

  • profile image

    anurag srivastava 6 years ago

    well thanks for the comparison but i prefer yahoo over gmail bcoz its much more organized.

  • DJArifrocks profile image

    DJArifrocks 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

    I personally use gmail and support this....

  • profile image

    driverfor 6 years ago

    I chose Gmail as my favorite

  • profile image

    special monkey 6 years ago

    yahoo mail is a joke - just tried it 4/13/2011 - ads everywhere - annoying spammy chat requests - ads that try to trick you into clicking (someone searched for you ... click it) - the site hijacked my browser when i tried to go to gmail - yahoo sent me to one of their advertisers - the people running the mail business at yahoo are unscrupulous and employ unseemly tactics.

  • barryrutherford profile image

    Barry Rutherford 6 years ago from Queensland Australia

    I continue to enjoy the use of Gmailthe best. Even though I too have a Yahoo account...

  • sachinbille profile image

    sachinbille 6 years ago from Mumbai-India

    Yahoo and gmail both are best at their own place.....but i found that gmail have very less spam!!

  • profile image

    NutraHealthSupply 6 years ago

    I use both of them and so far never has any problem so I like both Yahoo and Gmail.

  • profile image

    maymayro 6 years ago

    i am glad it not just me that thinks yahoo gets more spam and i was thinking of going to gmail now i a sure i want to make a acc now ^W^

  • iamsuper profile image

    iamsuper 6 years ago

    I love both of them, each mail service has their own advantages. I love yahoo for the chat service and gmail for the secure feeling.

  • profile image

    stevenkingsley 6 years ago

    every good hub keep on

  • AnkushKohli profile image

    AnkushKohli 6 years ago from India

    I used both a/c gmail as well as yahoo. There is difference between both a/c's.

    Gmail is more flexible in use and its interface is better. Gmail is allow you to make priority in your inbox. Gmail allow you to make offline use of your email using browser. Gmail allow to send as another mail from gmail its also free.

    Yahoo owns, unlimmited storage, everything is on the site, no spam, better looking, and more populer. Plus chat owns MSN.

  • jerrycorinadam profile image

    jerrycorinadam 6 years ago from United State

    i agree with you that both of them are significant and have their own advantages.

  • profile image

    JuanGuapo 6 years ago

    I have Gmail and Yahoo, I like Yahoo better. I've not had lots of spam (2 a week at most) and they end up in my spam folder. Gmail works but I don't like that they read your email to show ads. I looked up yahoo's policy and they say, right there in bold print they do not use your email content to show ads. Gmail may offer some nice perks but I wouldn't trust them with it (Buzz, for instance). I didn't like how they made our address books public for that by default.

    I finally signed up for a yahoo plus account because I like that it has no ads. No ads and 24/7 customer service, something I can't get with gmail even if I want to pay them. I just don't understand the whole thing with gmail. I find it ugly, slow, and they peek at your emails to show you ads. Good luck with that.

  • profile image

    2p 6 years ago

    As professional as everybody says gmail is, I am disappointed. I've been a yahoo user and recently got a gmail for my business. It may look more professional, but it doesn't function that much professional to me. I use my iPhone as my main email device and have the "push" turned on for instant email notification. This allows me to stay on top of my business. Every time a customer tries to contact me or place an order, I can get right on it. Gmail does not support push, which surprises me as everybody says how professional it is. As an email account, yahoo has everything gmail has and more if you want to organize/classify your mailbox. After all, gmail just does do enough for me to give up yahoo, but I can live without gmail.

  • profile image

    Jeff_McRitchie 6 years ago

    This is a good article. Gmail is definitely the way to go. It's much easier to use than Yahoo and you're right, it does seem more professional.

  • profile image

    meow 6 years ago

    I've been with Yahoo for about 5 years, and I don't get spam and ads as everyone else puts it. That stuff goes in the Spam folder.... unless that's what you're referring to.

  • profile image

    Jess 6 years ago

    Gamil has that chat session and the hip and happenin new gen crowd.. so it's got to be the 'best' till the next generation with the next newer thing makes it square. For some, no matter what they say.. it's still a bit too messy in looks and feel to use.

    Yahoo has unlimited storage (at least for now), has free backgrounds and folder storage. Unlimited storage for now still wins big. It's just easier to use like a nice pair of levis.... but yes, it now has the 'square' tag.

    bottom line: don't go with the crowd;; try them all out yourself and choose for yourself. everyone is suited differently.

  • profile image

    customreceiptbooks 6 years ago

    I'm going off Google as a business, but their email is much easier to use than Yahoo, or Hotmail for that matter. I wish they weren't such meglomaniacs, that's all!

  • profile image

    Reply 6 years ago

    @googlewantsyoursoul You can sign up for gmail without your phone number.

  • profile image

    Al 6 years ago

    Why not hotmail?

  • profile image

    Leticia Tigi 6 years ago

    yahoo is the best

  • profile image

    Kiran 6 years ago

    I used yahoo mail so far but get fed up with it and have auto forwarded all my yahoo mails to Gmail so I use a yahoo email id but access it on Gmail which feels great

  • profile image

    Drake 6 years ago

    I'm on both sides.I have a Yahoo account.Truefully I feel like both are really good accounts but yahoo has really good apps.So does Gmail.Both accounts are really good I don't know which is better.But, all you hotmail fans you people are just weird that account looks at everything.Hotmail isn't even in question.

  • profile image

    GoogleWantsYourSoul 6 years ago

    Are you aware that you can't use Gmail if you don't give Google your phone number!?!?

    No thanks, I'll stick with the Yahoo...

  • OpinionDuck profile image

    OpinionDuck 6 years ago

    Can you explain how this hub is rated at one hundred.


  • profile image

    vk 6 years ago

    new Yahoo mail! ROCKS... i really like multitasking feature on Yahoo! which gmail doesn't have.. you can see number of emails at the same time as well as you compose ur email ... all are opened in different tabs.. thats really good feature..

  • profile image

    Defiant Blob 6 years ago

    Irrelevant. Yahoo has been updated, and this page is inaccurate.

  • AutumnLockwood profile image

    AutumnLockwood 6 years ago from Northern California

    I love the simplicity of Gmail's design. Yahoo is just too flashy. And it's really slow.

  • profile image

    Annonymous 6 years ago

    Don't forget no ads on Gmail and that Gmail now comes built in with tasks... very helpful to someone who is busy. I am a definite Gmailer...

  • timonweller profile image

    timonweller 6 years ago

    I like yahoo best, but have really used gmail much.

  • Chapter profile image

    Chapter 6 years ago from Indonesia

    I like Yahoo Mail. It is easy and simple

  • profile image

    Emmet 6 years ago

    I have had both for a long time. I use my Gmail for everyday use and Yahoo as an address I can give out. I check my yahoo account about once a week. You can now make calls through Gmail.

  • profile image

    Ghallab 6 years ago

    6 year using yahoo:

    Gmail is better than yahoo in pop your email its free in gamil but in yahoo you must upgrade to mail plus paying money to get your data offline

    Gmail is better in forward : its free in gmail but in in yahoo you must upgrade to mail plus paying money to allow you forwarding your email

    Gmail allow to send as another mail from gmail its also free

    Gmail allow you to import your emails from multiple other email like yahoo or hotmail or even another gmail it also free service its also better than hotmail in this issue (you can use it to import form yahoo enven your email not email plus )

    Gamil allow you to make auto response message in you vacation

    Gmail more flexible in use and its interface is better

    Gmail allow you to make priority in your inbox

    Gmail allow you to make offline use of your email using browser

  • profile image

    sumanpaul 6 years ago

    security question is the main wants only 1 but ymail hack give 2 answers is difficult enough than 1. so yahoo rocks

  • profile image

    Lilu 6 years ago

    Gmail is better.. and it's not just about email it's about all the other features that come with the account (photos, google voice, chat, etc). I've been using gmail for over 5 years. I have a yahoo account, but I only use it for stuff like yahoo answers or flickr.

    I know some ppl don't like the way gmail threads msgs...even I didn't like...but I'm used to it now. Other than that I can't imgaine why anyone would ever choose yahoo or hotmail over gmail.

  • belliott profile image

    belliott 6 years ago

    Thanks for the information. I didn't know that gmail now had the option to show with your own domain name.

  • profile image

    SofiShabir  6 years ago

    Gmail is best i use this always

  • profile image

    Rmk 6 years ago

    I think this discusion is littlebit outdatea. I have both. But i use yahoooooo.....its u

  • profile image

    g3n 6 years ago

    i using mostly used yahoo mail now because this is my first email, but i pefer gmail..=)

  • profile image

    Akash 6 years ago

    i love gmail coz it gives more space...................

  • snagerries profile image

    snagerries 6 years ago from Singapore

    Gmail is a lot better than Yahoo. For me it is quite fast and more user friendly. Moreover, with gmail I can switch to any google application without the need to provide my credentials again and again. Gmail rocks.

  • Shawn Scarborough profile image

    Shawn Scarborough 6 years ago from The Lone Star State

    I have both Yahoo and Gmail too. I have much more spam in my Yahoo account so I tend to use Gmail more often. This is an excellent hub, very well written. Anyone considering Yahoo or Gmail for a new account would definitely benefit from this information.

  • ayoro france profile image

    ayoro france 6 years ago

    Gmail is a much more advanced email program that allows you to synchronize all your email with an email client so you can work offline, even if you are using Hotmail or Yahoo. You need IMAP to be able to synchronize and neither Yahoo or Hotmail offer this.

  • lender3212000 profile image

    lender3212000 6 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

    I never really could decide and thus have opened an account with each. They both have some unique features that the other one doesn't so I haven't been able to consolidate as of yet.

  • Shil1978 profile image

    Shil1978 6 years ago

    Nice hub Kathryn, I have accounts with both Y Mail and Gmail. I like them both for what they have to offer. Don't think I'd like one enough to leave the other. They are both wonderful in their own ways!!

  • xboxliveforxbox profile image

    xboxliveforxbox 6 years ago

    Now I see those comparisons between yahoomail and gmail...nice hub!

  • profile image

    Leah  6 years ago

    I have both accounts, but I personally like gmail better.

  • profile image

    Sudip 6 years ago

    I love gmail

  • profile image

    Soumenkarmakar 6 years ago

    I have just create my email id in gmail but i understand gmail is the fast & iam fan of gmail.

  • profile image

    sandeep 6 years ago

    i have a gmail account and been using it for years now and i cant live without it for me yahoo mail is a thumbs down

    long live gmail

  • danatheteacher profile image

    Dana Rock 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

    I like Google better because of all the additional apps Google offers in conjunction with the email address.

  • profile image

    Jason 6 years ago

    For some reason this I suddenly lost my Yahoo account for no reason and I tried contacting help but they said I did something wrong

    I'm never going back to Yahoo after what I've seen Gmail do

  • Chantel C profile image

    Chantel C 6 years ago from Arizona

    I like them both. I'm so organized on yahoo! that it seems like a pain to switch it all over, but it's suppose to be simple to transfer everything. The other great feature on gmail is to label and filter mail. It helps save time so you don't have to wade through emails deciding what you need to read.

  • aktifistri profile image

    aktifistri 6 years ago from China

    gmail is awesome for sending pics or hmmm.. :p

    but still i can't get rid of yahoo since it's my first email plus with my real name on.

  • adorababy profile image

    adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

    I have a yahoo mail and a gmail account which I use respectively for specific purposes. I agree with you that I keep separate accounts for each for their unique perks.

  • profile image

    swathi 6 years ago

    thumbs down for yahoo mail

    thunmbs up for gmail

  • profile image

    Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin 6 years ago

    As Google has no alternative. GMAIL also do not have any alternative, what do you say?

  • profile image

    Lokesh Mahajan 6 years ago

    Yahoo mail is the best

  • profile image

    mas 7 years ago

    Gmail is unique and uncompareable.

  • profile image

    Matt 7 years ago

    I have recently switched from Yahoo business class mail to Gmail and I must say I'm incredibly disappointed at the difference. Yahoo business mail was incredibly intuitive and had a lot of features Gmail just didn't have. I write a lot of email and one of the things I sorely miss are Yahoo's keyboard shortcuts.

  • U Neek profile image

    U Neek 7 years ago from Georgia, USA

    I never really searched out and listed all the differences but you have helped me to understand why I like Yahoo so much better for organizing folders and contacts. Now I know not to go looking for those features in gmail. I just thought I hadn't investigated enough! Thanks for writing such a well organized hub. It's a great reference for anyone trying to decide which account would be better for which purpose.

  • profile image

    thealexbaron 7 years ago

    This comparison is outdated as both email providers have updated their features.

  • borge_009 profile image

    borge_009 7 years ago from Philippines

    I like gmail but also liked ymail in some cases.

  • profile image

    Lawal umar fago 7 years ago

    I like Gmail,but i use face some problems saporodically.I want try Yahoo.

  • profile image

    John gill 7 years ago

    I have seen that most of the spam i get on yahoo comes from people with gmail accounts, ie. people trying to get me to look at porno websiotes or people acting like women looking for a mate.

  • DragonOZ profile image

    DragonOZ 7 years ago from Australia

    Migrated all our business emails to Google Apps (Gmail) and haven't looked back. It only gets better.

  • profile image

    Indra Jatmiko 7 years ago

    Gmail is better than Ymail

  • profile image

    kumar 7 years ago

    india is great nation

  • sbyholm profile image

    sbyholm 7 years ago from Finland

    I have a Gmail account since 2004, but I haven't used it since 2004. A prefer to keep all my mail in one place and currently that's on the same server hosting my websites.

    With the hundreds, maybe thousands of email I have archived over the years it would be a real pain to move to another provider.


  • profile image

    sembagdod 7 years ago

    You have to pay $20 a year to be able to open it on your outlook and archive it, while You don’t need to pay any thing, and you can open it with outlook for free

    Google is the best, Sooner or later every one will use it

  • profile image

    nengratna 7 years ago

    agree fuly w you. gmail is the best till now. :D

  • profile image

    RAM MAHATO  7 years ago

    gmail is my best of the work easily to solution here .

  • bihar profile image

    bihar 7 years ago from Patna

    once you use gmail can use anything else.

  • profile image

    gmail rocks 7 years ago

    gmail totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    Prasanna 7 years ago

    gmail does not have a sorting facility. In Yahoo you can sort by name to scan through the list quickly.I think this is very important sometimes.Also, I dislike the conversation feature.Yahoo Classic is the best.

  • lovelypaper profile image

    Renee S 7 years ago from Virginia

    I have both but I prefer Yahoo.

  • profile image

    Arthur Caldwell 7 years ago

    Who cares if gmail scans your e-mails for targeted ads? At least their ads are not these flashy gross invasive banners that yahoo and hotmail feature, and that you have to PAY (for such a lousy, spam-ladden, important-emails-getting-tossed-into-junk service anyway) to get rid of!

  • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

    Jyoti Kothari 7 years ago from Jaipur

    Hi Kathryn,

    Both of the mails Gmail and yahoo have come closer nowadays. Most of the features are similar now.


    i am getting problem continually while trying to export mail addresses from yahoo. It easily allow to import but not to export. In general Gmail works better than Yahoo for me. Hotmail is useless according to most of the users I know.


    Jyoti Kothari

  • profile image

    hduserguide 7 years ago

    This is a very good hub

  • jamesmoralde profile image

    jamesmoralde 7 years ago from Florida, USA

    mail-wise, gmail for me is the best. the problem with it though is gmail's instant messenger system. i still find yahoo wins hands down in that area.

  • profile image

    Power Poker Rakeback 7 years ago

    I've never used gmail, but know lots of people who insist it is much better. I like the idea of conversations being organized together. I think I'll try it out.

  • TheCreditTruth profile image

    TheCreditTruth 7 years ago from Pittsburg, PA

    Gmail has great features but seems like it has had some significant down time in the last year. I don't like having my only email as a webmail system.

  • rdelp profile image

    rdelp 7 years ago

    I am a big fan of gmail myself and haven't used yahoo in a long time.

  • profile image

    David 7 years ago

    Gmail #1!

  • Thomas Catmark profile image

    Thomas Catmark 7 years ago

    Very interesting thing about those two mail accounts. Such comparison makes me think about some first e-mail I used, long ago. In times when now everyone had an e-mail and not everyone used internet there were many things to compare. One account gave bigger spot, other bigger e-mail sending possibility. It is always good to check what is going on on the market just to be aware of potential ups and downs.

  • profile image

    Alexpte 7 years ago

    I have to say I much prefer Gmail - the whole interface just seems slicker and works better in my opinion.

  • lewgard profile image

    Kathleen Lewis 7 years ago from Southern Michigan

    There are pros and cons to both email accounts. I personally prefer Yahoo!, though there are some aspects I don't care for, mainly "where the heck is the 'compose new mail' button!" For some reason, I can never seem to find it when I need it.

  • profile image

    Gmail User 7 years ago

    I started using gmail in 2005, when it was in its intial beta stage. Now its almost 4 and a half years, still Yahoo, Hotmail and others are not even close to providing the features that Gmail does. I thin yahoo had release a couple of upgrades by this time, and the features get more and more complicated. They haven't yet learnt the today's users want simple and elegant interface, rather than a complex interface that pains the users. Hotmail is better though but not even 10% close to Gmail.

    The only reason that I use Yahoo is because it allows text messaging (SMS) in India. Gmail has this feature only in the US. Hope Gmail bring this soon, then my Yahoo account can RIP.

  • profile image

    uhku 7 years ago

    Google rules !

  • profile image

    Patrick Chuan 7 years ago

    Wow, professionals like to use beta software for their business needs. Got it.

  • JMLucien profile image

    JMLucien 7 years ago from New York

    I love these vs. hubs. Thanks

  • Johnvincent profile image

    Johnvincent 7 years ago

    Great hub. I think the gmail spam filter is better al round.

  • eyeofh profile image

    eyeofh 7 years ago from New Jersey

    Very nice hub! I have been trying to make that exact choice myself lately. I think I am leaning towards Gmail. Your hub was very helpful. Thank you!

  • TV Mount Guy profile image

    TV Mount Guy 7 years ago from On the Wall

    Good hub! Yahoo is my junk mail account since it gets a lot of spam anyway, and Gmail is my primary. Gmail is just plain better.

  • agvulpes profile image

    Peter 7 years ago from Australia

    Kathryn I agree with you and I use Gmail exclusively.

    It also works seamlessly with Thunderbird.

  • ABTEODORO profile image

    ABTEODORO 7 years ago

    I have both but I like my gmail better.

  • contentmaster profile image

    contentmaster 7 years ago

    My vote goes to Gmail certainly. Better company, better service :) Their phone verification is a great thing to fight back against spam usage.

  • profile image

    Craig Rosen 7 years ago

    anyone know if you can get your gmail through a Yahoo! account in the same way I get my roadrunner mail thru Yahoo?

  • profile image

    Deccan Chargers 7 years ago

    Gmail for me ......

  • profile image

    fjpoblam 7 years ago

    After many years with gmail, I switched to Yahoo! I use gmail for spam filtering, then forward the results to my Yahoo! account.

    For one thing, Yahoo!'s TOS says, specifically, they don't read email for targeted ads.

    Another thing they have (same as gmail, some of you may not realize) is ability to send mail FROM various email addresses e.g. your gmail or your own domain, for "professional" appearance.

    For another, Yahoo! has recently improved its mail GUI, so for example larger snippets are shown and less distracting ads clutter the display.

    Folders and contacts offer a great benefits, as do Yahoo! messenger on my MacBookPro and a Yahoo! app on my iPod Touch. I don't use offline mail, so lack of pop is no big deal.

    Yahoo! FTW

  • profile image

    yateesh 7 years ago

    Gmail is the best mail client ever!

    yahoo sux

    hotmail sux 2

  • profile image

    Paid Surveys Online 7 years ago

    2 years later from when the time this hub was written, I believe GMAIL has implemented a rule that you have to verify your account through a phone... if i'm not mistaken... this makes me want to stick with yahoo. =[

  • profile image

    Anup 7 years ago

    Gmail Rocks ...

    How ever its speed is getting slow gradually

  • profile image

    nice1guy 7 years ago

    There is really little difference between folders(yahoo) and labels(gmail). Both do the same thing, they are a way of tagging your email with some name of your choosing. The power of gmail is that multiple label names can be attached to the same email. Gmail also lets you create an automated filing clerk by using gmail-filters, that way if certain things that match a filter, gmail will automatically label the email, leaving it in your inbox to read, the when your done you just hit "archive". Gmail allows POP3 and IMAP, yahoo charges for POP and to my knowledge does not even offer IMAP. When you look at the features, clearly Gmail is professional, has the most -- in comparison yahoo seems like development stopped 8 years ago.

  • profile image

    Rhys 7 years ago

    A lot in my yahoo inbox is spam... and almost no spam in gmail. Gmail rocks!

    Hotmail is not part of this game, no.

  • profile image

    manail 7 years ago

    i like the yahoo mail

  • Jennitasia profile image

    Jennitasia 7 years ago from Arkansas

    Gmail Rocks!

  • profile image

    Gmail lover 7 years ago

    Yes, I too like gmail! Well, I now like it more since you pointed these points out.

  • profile image

    kannan 7 years ago

    suitable for all them dude

  • profile image

    Hotmail 7 years ago

    I will say that yahoo and gmail are very good email providers but let me make it clear that in my opinion hotmail is the best and will remain the best for a very long time

  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Yahoo. Gmail scans all your personal mail. I guess that yahoo could do that too, but they haven't said if they do.

  • ciidoctor profile image

    ciidoctor 7 years ago

    good job

  • profile image

    Rahat Zaman 7 years ago

    Great. I am a gmail fan. I think gmail is the best. Gmail is more easy to use and safe. I can never sign in yahoo mail in mobile phone. And hotmail never allows (me) to creat id easily. However, nothing is so great as google and gmail.

  • profile image 7 years ago

    for mobile saif because wed page

  • profile image

    nn 7 years ago

    i like gmail its better than yahoo

  • profile image 7 years ago

  • Boney Sharaon profile image

    Boney Sharaon 7 years ago from Paradise India

    Oh! I am a GMail fan.

  • profile image

    laura 7 years ago

    gmail is way cool!

  • profile image

    Cuschu 7 years ago

    I'm definitely a Gmail fan, but I guess, as you pointed out, Yahoo does have a few good features too.

  • kblogs profile image

    kblogs 7 years ago from NYC

    Gmail 100%! Google is attached to everything nowadays and it's just the way to be. And professionally google is better than a yahoo account. It's only a matter of time before everyone switches over...

    Great hub by the way,


  • cgull8m profile image

    cgull8m 7 years ago from North Carolina

    I use all three but use Gmail mainly for both personal and domain accounts. Whoever has a domain should use Gmail they will find it very useful. Gmail is accessible in all places, phones, etc., for free makes it very useful compared to other email programs.

  • kingbeauty profile image

    Ifeanyi Kingbeauty Ezemmah 7 years ago

    I use only yahoo but from what you said, I will try Gmail

  • profile image

    wezt_village 8 years ago

    I use yahoo and gmail...but I want the messages that received at yahoo, also received on gmail... What can I do?

  • profile image

    Erick Smart 8 years ago

    I have both types of email as well and Gmail is the best by far. Gmail is easy to access, has a great spam filter, and does not put as many restrictions on files and other things.

  • profile image

    Roohi Khan 8 years ago from India

    I use both Yahoo and Gmail. I much prefer Yahoo because it allows me to neatly organize my emails into folders. And I acually don't receive any spam. So, my chioce is Yahoo.

  • vishalg8 profile image

    vishalg8 8 years ago

    I guess you get more spam on yahoo since it would be an older account. But I like spam filtering of yahoo. Its pretty effective.

    But Gmail is getting more and more features everyday like offline usage, google labs is awesome. Also, its is a free POP access unlike yahoo.

  • johnr54 profile image

    Joanie Ruppel 8 years ago from Texas

    The killer feature for me is IMAP. Basically that gives you the ability to access in multiple ways from multiple computers, and have it backed up online, and still have them sync. Yahoo doesn't have it, and Gmail eventually brought it out, so another nail in the coffin of Yahoo mail.

  • profile image

    gmail lover 8 years ago

    Nicely layed out. Gmail has a much better dedicated team intent on bettering the user experience and interface. They certainly have better features, LESS SPAM (almost 0% for me), and continually add new exprimental features which i cant live without. If you are signing up for the first time, i would suggest going with gmail first and see what u think of it.

  • greejd profile image

    greejd 8 years ago from Beijing

    Well,I like Gmail.

  • creativeMind profile image

    creativeMind 8 years ago from Cochin

    ever since i started using GMail , i am using it..leaving yahoo behind..GMail, its simple and easy to use,.

  • dhirumpatel profile image

    dhirumpatel 8 years ago from ahmedabad,india

    good comperision.

  • profile image

    peaceperson101 8 years ago

    that was well described. it really helped me, and now I think I am going to get gmail thankx to all the writing you have done for hub

  • profile image

    rethansmith 8 years ago

    best comparison I have seen so far - and I have read over 50 of them today!

    Well done, and great points!

  • profile image

    Pasha 8 years ago

    Gmail - The best among

  • profile image

    vinod 8 years ago

    Today , I have to write the difference between gmail and yahoo mail , I get good source of comparison in both


  • profile image

    tita 8 years ago

    i was a yahoo fans for a long time, after Trying Gmail for couple weeks, I loved it...then I started to hate yahoo because all the junks and ads inside your mailbox. When I first created yahoo mail, it was ok with all those junks but now I'm so tired of those ads and so annoying with all flashy ads.

    Before I was Gmail user, I would said to anyone who used Gmail.."what the heck is Gmail!"

    Now I'm a Gmail fan, with Gmail you can save and edit Word/excel/pdf/PowerPoint docs online. That's nice feature about Gmail I don't need to have MS office on your computer to able to open a MS docs.

    You can access all your files online (if you have internet access) anywhere in the world without having to have the MS office Produt.

    If you are looking for an email with flashy ads everywhere then go for yahoo and hotmail....

    if you are looking for an email to just read your email have better email organization....GMAIL IS for you...

    O yea Gmail organized your emails conversation between friend way nicer than Yahoo or hotmail...

    I rather have emails replies compact as a single email than have 50 to 100 new emails in my inbox...

  • Prince Maak profile image

    Prince Maak 9 years ago from Just Above the EARTH and below the SKY

    Thumbs Up for Yahoo.

  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

    I do agree that Yahoo inbox gets a ton of spam. I've noticed that usually after having a yahoo after 6 months to a year you start getting filled with spam.

  • compu-smart profile image

    compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

    Thanks for the comparisons too...I have both and im liking my gmails spam filter.

  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

    I have had yahoo and now in gmail, I prefer gmail.

  • Keny Luger profile image

    Keny Luger 9 years ago

    There really should be more mentioned about Gmails spam folders. It is very effective when it comes to labelling and getting rid of junk. I have both accounts but I prefer Gmail any day.

  • sminut13 profile image

    sminut13 9 years ago from singapore

    you've nicely laid down the differences.

  • Catawn profile image

    Catawn 9 years ago from Portland, OR

    I prefer Gmail. It does look more professional, not to mention, when it was new, it was easy enough to get my real name, so now I can use it for things like that. It's kinda hard to forget my email when it's my name. ;3

    Great comparison! ^^;

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 9 years ago

    I have a gmail account but I would have to say I use my yahoo account more often, thanks for the comparison.

  • soyelude profile image

    soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

    Thanks for the information Kathy...didn't quite know the difference until you spelt it out. Thanks again...nice hub.

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