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Your iPhone 5 Auto-Brightness Feature is Not Broken

Updated on December 12, 2012

Does the iPhone 5 auto-brightness feature work?

Recently I noticed that the auto-brightness feature on my new iPhone 5 didn’t seem to be working. I took it down to my local Apple store and they agreed that it wasn’t working, having tested it on their own stock and personal iPhones, and said I could replace it if I want, but chances are the next one wouldn’t work. Being in a rush, I decided to take my iPhone home and do a little bit more investigating on my own. It’s a good thing I did!

A YouTube video later I found out that it did actually work, it just worked differently to how previous iPhone’s auto-brightness function worked. In short, you set the benchmark for your iPhone’s auto brightness .

Follow these easy steps to test whether your auto-brightness feature does in fact work. It’s best to test this out in a dimly lit room so that you can then turn up the light to test the auto-brightness.

  1. Go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper
  2. Turn off the Auto-Brightness feature off.
  3. Set the slider to the ideal brightness level that you want.
  4. Turn the auto-brightness feature back on.
  5. Turn on the light, or move into a room with a different light condition. You should notice the slider adjusting.

Bear in mind that the brighter a benchmark you set the screen to , the more battery consumption it will consume. It may take some trial and error to find the optimal brightness level, but following these steps should save you a trip down to the Apple store.


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