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Youtube Easter Eggs

Updated on April 22, 2015

So, I decide to make a list of YouTube Easter eggs. YouTube Easter eggs actually are a series of Google hoaxes and Easter eggs made by Google. After searching for some YouTube Easter eggs, I decide to try it out if it’s still working or not. Surprisingly, many YouTube Easter eggs are still working after I tested it. Some are quite fun and some are entertaining. You can also try this YouTube easter eggs if you’re curious to see the results.

Fibonacci Series

The first YouTube Easter eggs that I tried are several Easter eggs that work in YouTube search. One of the easter eggs that worked is the Fibonacci series. In mathematics, Fibonacci series or also knew as the Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. For example, the simplest Fibonacci series is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. To see this Easter egg works in YouTube, all you have to do is type “Fibonacci” in YouTube search bar. After that, you will see the search result will become a video sequence that twirl to form a sort of spiral.

Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is really phenomenal music ever made. Made by an American DJ and producer called Baauer, Harlem Shake became trendy and was booming around 2013. When the "Harlem Shake" was first uploaded to YouTube as an Internet meme, "Harlem Shake" was only a 30-seconds video featured people dancing to the song. But, as a result, the video was parodied by many other people who make other video versions of Harlem Shake and also put it in YouTube. If you type “do the Harlem shake” in the YouTube search bar, then you will hear Harlem Shake music start to play in the search result. You can also see that the YouTube logo will shake followed the music rhythm.

Use the force, Luke

If you type “Use the force, Luke” in the YouTube search bar, you will see all the content on the result page will float including the YouTube Logo, the search bar, account settings and the video result. Unlike “Harlem Shake” Easter egg effect that won’t last long, the “Jedi powers” effect seems everlasting no matter how long you let the search result stay open.

Not only the floating contents, but if you hover your mouse in the search result videos, the contents will move from left to right or up and down. If you notice carefully, the floating objects will not only float and moving but also shrink and swell.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

"Beam me up, Scotty" is the slogan as used in popular culture of the science fiction series Star Trek. "Beam me up, Scotty" comes from the command Captain Kirk gives to his chief engineer named Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, when Captain Kirk wants to go back to the Starship Enterprise through the transfer process by using some kind of beam. Although it has become irrevocably connected with the series and films, the precise phrase was never actually spoken in any Star Trek television series or movies.

If you type “Beam me up, Scotty” in the YouTube search bar, you will see lines of blue beam lights that blink as the search result opening. Every time a search result video is open, the blue beam lights will appear following the video search results, and after all video search results have been open, the blue beam lights will disappear.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a popular entertainment franchise produced by Hasbro which is marketed primarily to girls. The popular one nowadays is My Little Pony animated television series with the title "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" where it has become a popular animated television series and has its own fanbase.

One of the YouTube Easter eggs using the theme of My Little Pony that can usually be found in the search bar by typing some particular words. For example, if you type "ponies" or "bronies" or any My Little Pony Friendship is Magic characters such as "Rainbow Dash", you will see My Little Pony Friendship is Magic characters running in front of the video search result. But it seems we could no longer see "My Little Pony" YouTube Easter egg today. When I tried "My Little Pony" Easter egg in YouTube by typing some of the character's names from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, the YouTube Easter egg result is no longer available.

Doge Meme

Doge actually is one of the popular Internet memes. It starts to trend in 2013 after a series of various meme using photos of Shiba Inu that published in Tumblr had become widespread all over the internet. The meme actually consists of variations Shiba Inu poses that are accompanied by colorful text using Comic Sans MS font that seemed to express the feelings of the dog in the picture. Google then using "doge meme" as one of the YouTube Easter eggs.

If you type “doge meme” in the YouTube search bar, you will find all the texts are turned into colorful texts and the font type also changes into Comic Sans MS. It is actually similar to the texts that used in the meme.

Snake Game

This will work if your video is still loading in some moments and you see a loading symbol in the form of several white dots running in a circle. If you press "up" or "down" button on the keyboard while the loading symbol appear on the video screen, a few white dots running in a circle that usually made the loading symbol will running in lines just like the usual snake game view plus a white dot will appear somewhere in the video screen. Remember, before you try to press the "up" or "down" button on the keyboard, make sure that you are staying in the video screen by clicking the left button the video screen first.

Missile Game "1980"

You can also play a missile game where you have to defend your video from missile attacks. To make this game successfully launch, you need to type 1980 anywhere as long as you do not type it in the search bar or comment box. Try to hover your mouse in an empty space not in any contents of the page, you can click anywhere in the YouTube white background page, then just type “1980”, if successful, a missile game will appear on the video screen and you can star to play the game. You will have 4 base defenders that can shoot rockets. Then, all you have to do is pointing the ”+” sign to the missile and left click on your mouse every time you found a missile anywhere on the game's screen. every time a missile successfully attacked your base, your video screen will crack slowly and if you failed to defend your base (which is your video screen) and all of your shooter are demolished, the missile will successfully attack your video screen and you will see that your video screen will look cracked. Of course it actually isn’t real. If you end the game and choose to continue to play your video, the screen will disappear and everything will be back to normal.

Cartoon Mode

Yes, you can view some of the YouTube videos in cartoon mode. Actually, most of the videos that can convert into cartoon mode are some official YouTube videos that featured for Geek Week. On some of the videos, if you add "&pow=1&nohtml5=1” at the end of certain YouTube video links (URL), you will see a “pow” button will appear near the "Settings" button. If you click on the “pow” button, the video will convert into cartoon mode. Just try it! One of the videos that worked with the code is the video of Wednesday geek week video:

and if you tried to add the cartoon mode code, the link (URL) will become like this:

and then you can try to click the “pow” button that will convert the video into cartoon mode. Try other YouTube video links that are related to geek week and see the result.

Wadsworth Constant

Wadsworth Constant created from conversations between the redditors who responded to the image that is posted on Reddit by redittor grim_fandango containing graphic and texts titled "And so ends 20 years of frustration," around October, 2011 in which the content is an instruction on how to fold sheets. When Redditor Redebo commented on the instructional YouTube video that posted by Redditor octal9 in responded to Redditor KillerRefreshRate who asked about the image that posted by grim_fandango, and so the Wadsworth Constant was born. Redditor Redebo commented to Wadsworth by saying “perhaps this should be known as the Wadsworth Constant”.

A follow-up thread called “And so the Wadsworth Constant was born” received many votes and reach its popularity. Then, the Redditor and YouTube employee revealed an additional code “&wadsworth=1” that can be put at the end of any YouTube video link. If we add the code “&wadsworth=1” in any YouTube video link, it will load the YouTube video at 30% of the video length.

Stats For Nerds

If you do “right-click” on the YouTube video screen, you will see a menu of the YouTube video. If you look carefully, you will see an option that said “stats for nerds”. It is actually a simple YouTube Easter eggs that easy to be found. If you click on the “stats for nerds” option, then a box will appear to show a statistic of the video you're watching, including frames, volume percentage, and dimensions.


Robots.txt is a simple YouTube Easter eggs. To view this YouTube Easter egg, you must add robots.txt at the end of YouTube link (URL) of If you still don’t understand what I mean, then simply, you only open or follow this YouTube link: and you will find some funny phrases that said:

# Created in the distant future (the year 2000) after

# the robotic uprising of the mid 90's which wiped out all humans.

1337 or Leetspeak

1337 or also known as Leetspeak actually is a cool YouTube Easter eggs ever made. But, this Easter egg probably not existed anymore because I have tried this Easter egg in many ways and the result of the Easter eggs won’t appear. It also said in a several source I found that this Easter egg is not existing anymore that probably already removed. Leetspeak or "1337" Easter eggs actually some kind of code to change all YouTube comments become a jumble of numbers and letters in each word. For example, if it’s written leetspeak then it will become 13375P34K and so on. Actually, you only need to type “1337” anywhere except in the search bar or comment box while viewing any YouTube video.

Geek Week

One more cool YouTube Easter egg that seems doesn’t exist anymore is an easter egg to honor a YouTube's first annual Geek Week. Actually, if you type “/ geek week” in the YouTube search bar, it will convert the YouTube contents (graphics and texts) into an ASCII mode.

There are also other YouTube easter eggs that don’t exist anymore such as “let it snow” where the screen in YouTube search result will covered with snow, “glub glub water dance" where there will be water droplets fall on the screen when the song starts playing in the YouTube search result, “finish lining" where a ribbon will show up on the left side of the search results and the videos result will slide towards the line, and "clocking" where a stick figure (most people know it as Bob) will appear on screen in front of the search result and rotating his arm clockwise.


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