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Zalman NC2000

Updated on November 29, 2010

Introduction to the Zalman NC2000 Quiet Notebook Cooler

If you are looking for a quiet notebook cooler there is a pretty good chance that you have been overwhelmed by the myriad of options. It is pretty easy to take a look at this, maybe even see the Zalman NC2000, and think to yourself, "a notebook cooler is some metal and a fan right?". This makes it even easier to try and save a few bucks by buying a cheap notebook cooler.

This is not always the best thing to do, cheaper notebook coolers can create a lot of noise, rattling, and fluttering, as well as having a tendency to break down after a few months.

Buying a high quality quiet notebook cooler such as the Zalman NC2000 can save you a lot of money in the long run, and give you a much more pleasant, reliable, performance.

Zalman NC2000

Zalman NC2000 Quiet Notebook Cooler
Zalman NC2000 Quiet Notebook Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Structure

The Zalman NC2000 has a very well built structure, it has a strong plastic base which which supports a thick, 3mm deep aluminum sheet. This is extremely durable, and with the aluminum top it is also very effective at dissipating heat.

The sheet itself has hundreds of air holes which provide excellent airflow without creating turbulence noise which you get with many notebook coolers. The framework itself has no sharp edges, and while it is designed to run on a desk, it can also easily fit on your lap.

If you are not too sure as to whether or not you agree that the Zalman NC2000 is currently one of the best notebook coolers available, check out Notebook Cooler Reviews for more information!

Zalman NC2000 Quiet Notebook Cooler Fans

One of the greatest things about the Zalman NC2000 quiet notebook cooler is it's use of high quality whisper quiet fans. These might cost a little more, but they last 30,000 hours longer than regular fans, and they remain near silent for their entire lifetime.

It is these high quality fans which help to make the Zalman NC2000 one of the best quiet notebook coolers. While this might not seem like a huge deal, having a quiet notebook cooler can make teh world of difference, especially if you work on your laptop a lot of the time.

Other Features of the Zalman NC2000 Quiet Notebook Cooler

No notebook cooler would make it in to the list of the best notebook coolers without a few extra features to give it a little extra zing. The Zalman NC2000 quiet notebook cooler brings you some great little benefits to help you along.

First of all, the Zalman NC2000 has a USB pass through port, this means that you do not lose a USB port to power your notebook cooler. This is probably one of the most useful features if you have a USB starved notebook like I do.

The Zalman NC2000 also gives you a fan speed control wheel, allowing you to adjust the power, and noise levels of the Zalman NC2000, turning it in to an even quieter notebook cooler if you are just surfing the Internet.

If that was note enough, it also comes with an on/off switch and an indicator light, so you can easily switch it off if you don't need any extra cooling power.


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 7 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      The Zalman NC2000 was in my opinion the World's best notebook cooler, up until the Zalman NC3000 was released!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      I haven't seen this one before and it looks very good. Great information in your hub.