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famous android custom ROMs

Updated on July 17, 2012

As we all know ROM is Read Only Memory. But in case of android custom ROM, custom ROM refers to the customized versions of android available in the market. The version of OS that you are getting along with your android phone pre installed in it is called Stock ROM. But you can replace these Stock ROM with several custom ROMs available in internet free of cost.


The main drawback of stock ROM is that it will not allow you the full access over the phone operating system. Your access to the phone will be fully under the restrictions determined by the manufacturer. Even though they may say that it is for avoiding customers themselves tampering their own phone, it is not true. In order to get full access over a Stock OS you have to root the phone.(Details of Rooting). Another one main problem of Stock ROM is that it will contain a lot of soft wares and services that you may not want but keep on draining your battery life. You will not be able to uninstall these unwanted applications pre installed in your phone with your stock ROM.


Most of the custom ROMs allows you full access over the OS. Also you can remove or add any of the components you want. Usually custom ROMs come with under volted ROM, providing more good battery life. Usually these custom roms are released by small teams of excellent developers. So they will provide immediate fixes for bugs and as they are not locked by any companies they can release new versions immediately. But if it is in the manufacturing company of the phone there will be much more steps and red tapes before the release of a new customized version. Hence usually most of the custom ROMs are more fast and sleek compared to Stock ROMs. Another one advantage is that you can update to versions of android that are yet to release. Many custom ROMs are having facilities of android versions that are going to be released. For example one of the famous custom ROM available is CyanogenMod. They managed to make most of the features of android 2.2 available in their custom ROM versions before android 2.2 is released. This happens through leaked versions of android. So by installing custom OS you can get features of android OS that are going to release in your phone before the release. Installing applications to memory card and wifi tethering was released in android 2.2 only but it was available in CyanogenMod along with the release of android 2.1.


But installing custom ROM also may lead to some problems or risks. As you know you cannot get success without taking risks. Even though it is good to have it installed there is a very small probability that the installation process may go wrong making the phone useful only for using as a paper weight. Also you have to be careful in selecting the correct version of custom ROM for your phone. Flashing with a custom version for another version will also brick your phone. Custom ROMs also can have bugs, but usually bugs in custom ROMs are fixed more faster the stock ROMs. Also your warranty will be void if you install a custom ROM. In most cases even rooting will make your warranty void. You have to delete the whole data in your android phone before installing custom ROM because installing a new ROM will wipe all your data. This is not a big problem as there is a lot of soft wares to backup your data.

List of android custom ROMs

There are many famous developers of android custom ROMs. But the most popular one are

1. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is the most famous among android custom ROMs. You can visit their site for picking up the correct version of custom ROM for your phone

2.MIUI custom ROM

This is another one famous custom ROM.

How to flash cutom ROM on android


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    • profile image

      Kieran c 5 years ago

      ZTE blade I've cream sandwich 4.0.4 still not 100% but is progressing quite steadily.

      I love it

      now where's your 3g with ios 5

    • profile image

      Technopsis 5 years ago

      I have installed multiple custom roms on my old HTC Hero now, and I just love how Android allows you to mess around with it this much. I have upgraded my phone to newer version of Android many times using custom roms and lately I tried the HTX Zero 0.21 Rom which installs Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.5 on my 2.5 year old HTC Hero!

      Very interesting stuff!

      I wrote a review on it if anyone is interested which you can find here: