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why you must root your android phone

Updated on April 13, 2011

What is rooting

The word rooting came from the word 'root' user in linux. Root user is the user in Linux with administrative power over the full system. Similarlly most of the mobile android phone manufactuers will not allow you to have root access on your android phone. So you need to get root access in your android phone to avail some services in your phone. This process of getting root user access in your android phone is called rooting

Unrooted configuration of android phone is called stock configuration. In this configuration user or user installed applications do not have access to the core software components of android operating system. It is also required for certain applications to have the phone rooted to function fully. Rooting android phone is similar to jailbreaking in iOS of apple iPhones. Rooting is unnecessary in some phones that already give you root access like google nexus one, nexus s etc.

Advantages of Rooting Android phone

Rooting gives you full control over your phone including rights to alter any files in the system including system files.

You can install your own fast new versions of android and customerized versions of android like CynogenMod on your phone

Unrooted phones with android versions upto 2.1 or eclair cannot avail facilities like wi fi tethering, installing applications to SD card all these can be achieved with the help of additional applications in rooted phone.

Even in latest version of android you are not allowed to overclock or underclock your phone CPU which can be achieved with the help of applications in a rooted phone. Also you can get more sound from speakers by overdriving if you have a rooted phone.

You can change themes, bootloader, make your own recovery image, remove core applications in android like calender, map etc

You can change cache and installation location of apps to memory card and make backups of applications.

Disadvantages of Rooting your android phone

There are some disadvantages in rooting your android phone. First of all you will loss warranty of your phone if you have one. So if you have warranty try to root your phone only after the expiry date of warranty. Running out of battery during the installation of custom rom can make your phone good for paperweight only. As you are getting the full access over your phone, the chance of tampering your phone by yourself is increasing either by applications installed by you or by commands given by you to the phone. For example overclocking your phone after rooting gives you performance boost. But doing this for a long time will overheat your phone and will destroy it.

Now we have seen the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android phone. Now the question is how can you root your android phone. This is very easy and there are slight variations in rooting procedure of different phones and android versions. You can simply search in google ' rooting [your phone model] '. Universal androot is a good application helping in rooting your phone.

Now you must have understood that rooting is like gaining the administrator control in windows or super user or root access in linux. Then why you are letting phone manufacturers to have administrative power. Get it in a single step rooting. best of luck:)

How to root your android phone


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